Get to Know Salesforce Advisor Link

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Discuss the advising challenges Salesforce Advisor Link was built to solve.
  • Identify the distinctions between the advisor and student user experience.
  • Explain how Salesforce Advisor Link’s unified advising record improves the advising process.

It’s not uncommon for advisors to have to access multiple systems and search paper files to get a full view of a student’s life in order to provide the right guidance. The lack of structure in this time consuming process can make it very difficult to provide the personalized support each student needs.

It’s also not uncommon for a student to be in need of help and support services, without knowing how or where to go to ask for help. Although students interact with a number of faculty and staff on a daily basis, many students in need of assistance never appear on anyone’s radar because their information is siloed. No one sees the complete picture until there’s a crisis. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

These are exactly the kinds of issues Salesforce Advisor Link is built to address. With Advisor Link, advisors finally have a single data source to consult and students have a clear, mobile-friendly communication channel between themselves and their support network. Advisor Link transforms the student experience by allowing advisors to focus on what really matters, report and scale their advice, and build trusting relationships with their students.

Valerie meets with one of her advisees in her office.

In this module, we refer to how Cloudy College uses Salesforce Advisor Link in its advising offices across campus. We take a look at how advisors like Valerie Keckler, an academic advisor in the School of Health and Human Sciences, use it to support Cloudy students and boost retention.

Salesforce Advisor Link is an advising solution, built on the Salesforce platform, specifically for Education customers. Because it is built on Salesforce, innovations and feature updates are continuous. Users see improvements and enhancements delivered in bi-weekly releases. It’s powered by the Education Data Architecture (EDA) as well as Salesforce Service Cloud. We cover EDA and Service Cloud elsewhere in Education Cloud modules. Check out the Resources section if you want to take another look.

The great thing about having solutions built specifically for Education users is the deep understanding that each institution is so unique. With this in mind, Advisor Link has the flexibility to be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual school. Oftentimes, the task of implementing this solution is best approached as a team sport. Working with a Salesforce partner can help your institution realize the full potential. Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing a partner? We include a module about that in the Resources section, too.

Manage the Chaos with a Unified Advising Record

As any student advisor will tell you, there is a lot of data connected to a single student as they navigate their educational journey. Multiply that by a full advising load and it's not surprising that advisors can become overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to keep track of every day. Advisor Link’s unified advising record offers a cohesive view of student appointments, coursework, relationships, and affiliations. It puts all student information right at an advisor’s fingertips. For example, the unified advising record makes it possible for Valerie at Cloudy College to fully support a student who’s currently on academic probation. From a mobile device she can see if the student is on track by viewing what steps they took to complete their probation requirements. When she sees that her advisee is not quite where they should be on requirements completion, she sets up a sequence of appointments on the spot and gets alerts if they start to have trouble in a class.

Salesforce Advisor Link empowers students to connect with a network of advisors, known as their success team. Success team members can be anyone who is responsible for helping a student such as financial aid advisors, health advisors, the registrar, career counselors, and more. With the unified advising record, both students and advisors have easy access to this team and necessary information. Students can view and reach out to the staff members there to support them, and advisors can see whether students have met with other success team members and recommend follow-up appointments as needed.

The User Experience for Advisors and Advisees

As you can see, this solution is a game-changing tool for advisors and advisees alike. Students and staff both have access, but they interact with it in different ways. We dig into the specific features and functionality in the upcoming units in this module. To help you understand how those features are delivered to each user group, here’s a peek at the user experience from the point of view of the advisor and the advisee, respectively.

  • Advisor View: the Advisor Console

The advisor user interface is focused on a workspace meant for quickly finding, referencing, and editing records. The advisor console, known as the Advisor Link app, is designed as a Lightning console app.
Salesforce Advisor Link from an advisor’s login.

  • Student View: the Advisee Community

For advisees, the experience is set within an existing community that offers online access to advising support services. The community helps advisees connect with members of their success team. They can stay up-to-date on appointments, quickly schedule time with an advisor, and stay on top of their assigned Success Plans and Tasks (more on these later on in this module). The entire experience is optimized for easy access on mobile devices.

Salesforce Advisor Link from a student’s login.


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