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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how field reps can fill in their schedules using filters.
  • Explain how to automate complex, policy-based rules and respond to evolving demands.
  • Explain the best way to improve operational efficiency with pre-built dashboards.
  • Explain how to empower service reps with intelligent snapshots of interactions and KPIs.
  • Describe how to support and track modifications to existing offers without business disruption.
  • Identify how sales teams can simplify the creation of new offers and bundles.
  • Explain how to empower sales teams to close deals faster and navigate multi-site quoting.

Visit Planning Enhancements

Within the Consumer Goods Cloud mobile app, field reps can now visualize and map out nearby stores to fill in their schedules by filtering based on promotions and other activities, distance, or specific KPIs that need to be met.

Map of stores in Planned Visits

Authorized Product List

Strategically plan product listings based on distribution targets, restricting listing modules for accounts and different store formats. Now consumer goods companies have full visibility into which accounts have exclusives, which accounts can receive certain pack sizes, which accounts get special packaging, and more.

Product listings for a store

Multi-Market Management

Provide a foundational global template approach to a CRM platform within the same Salesforce org. Consumer goods companies can now segregate data, business processes, and configurations by market without creating multiple orgs for each market.

Screen showing multiple markets in a single org

Business Rules Engine

Empower anyone, including program managers, to build, test, and execute rules with a drag-and-drop, no-code interface. Build step-by-step calculations to automate complex, policy-based rules, and flexibly respond to evolving mission demands.

Business Rules Engine: Decision Explainer

Provide clear reasoning for application approvals, rejections, and benefit calculations. Help constituents instantly understand an approval decision for government services including licensing, permits, unemployment assistance, and grants. Public servants can quickly surface relevant application information to provide transparency.

Eligibility Details showing matched categories

Tableau CRM for Public Sector

Improve operational efficiency with Intelligent Insights and dynamic pre-built dashboards. Centralize license, permit, and inspections data, to fuel data-driven decisions.

Dynamic, prebuilt dashboard

Advertising Sales Management: Inventory Analytics

Together, new pricing and demand dashboards help publishers understand the ad products that are highest in demand and how much they are being discounted—so publishers can modify pricing to maximize yield.

Linear Demand Pressure dashboard

Tableau CRM for Communications: Churn Predictions

Gauge subscriber sentiment by empowering service reps with an intelligent snapshot of customer interactions and KPIs that indicate their likelihood to churn. And use AI-powered recommendations to minimize churn and build loyalty.

Customer snapshot showing likelihood to churn and account highlights

Enterprise Sales Management Enhancements

Sales reps can ensure the accuracy of quotes with alternate address support, powered by Google APIs and Salesforce Maps. Then, they can surface serviceability information and determine what services can be offered at that particular location.

Map pinpointing 12 locations

Mobile Subscription Management Enhancements

Boost service agent productivity with an enriched console that provides recommendations and analytics from Tableau CRM for Communications to help improve churn, customer satisfaction (CSAT), and net promoter score (NPS). Display multi-service subscriptions and get contextual service information.

Contact details record with recommendations and analytics

Product Versioning Enhancements

Extend Product Versioning to your digital commerce solution to accelerate product innovation and market responsiveness. With Product Versioning, sales teams can support and track offer modifications to existing offers without business disruption.

Product versioning in a commerce solution

Offer Specification Enhancements

Extend Offer Specification to your digital commerce solution. With Offer Specification, sales teams can simplify the creation of new offers and bundles and reduce product modeling efforts.

Offer Specification screen

Large Account Sales and Management

Streamline sales operations and use the power of analytics and data to help utility B2B and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sales teams manage leads efficiently, close deals faster, and navigate multi-site quoting complexity.

Tableau CRM for Energy & Utilities

Use pre-built energy and utility-specific dashboards to gain deep insights into utility sales and account management, utilities contact center engagement, and acquisition performance of products and services.

Utilities sales dashboard

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