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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to easily assign a task to any queue.
  • Describe how to automate complex processes, bring logic-based flows to Sales Cadences, and know exactly when prospects are engaged.
  • Explain how to forecast or recognize revenue through any point in your quote-to-cash lifecycle, to help sales and finance align around revenue targets.

Task-Queue Assignment

For sales organizations where reps work through to-do items as a team, task-queue assignment makes the process easier than ever. Assign a task to any queue, and have any member from that queue take ownership. Working as a team is simpler and more efficient.

Learn more about task-queue assignment.

High Velocity Sales Enhancements

High Velocity Sales is now more powerful. API availability means you can automate more complex processes. Branching on email engagement brings new logic-based flows to Sales Cadences. And alerts on emails let inside sales reps know exactly when their prospects are engaged.

Learn more about enhancements to High Velocity Sales.

CPQ and Billing: Revenue Recognition Reports

Now you can forecast or recognize revenue through any point in your quote-to-cash lifecycle. Build reports that display live revenue information from anywhere in Salesforce, such as in quotes, orders, invoices, and more. This makes it easier for sales and finance to align around revenue targets.

Learn more about CPQ and Billing revenue recognition reports.