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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to protect your customer relationships from business disruption with four new processes from Proactive Monitoring for CPQ.
  • Describe how to easily implement Salesforce products with expert guidance from implementation architects.

Proactive Monitoring for CPQ

Protect your customer relationships from business disruption with these four new processes: Apex Future Performance, Apex Future Dequeue Latency, Apex Queueable Dequeue Latency, and Apex Queueable Performance.

Implementation Architects for Marketing, Community, Service, and Field Service Lightning

Easily implement Salesforce products. Our implementation architects help you get the most out of new or existing Salesforce solutions and are now available for Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service Lightning. Plus, take advantage of our new expert implementation services for small businesses.

Premier Support: 24 New and Refreshed Accelerators

Get personalized guidance for your specific business needs with Accelerators. We listened to customers like you, and we added or updated 24 Accelerators based on your feedback. Plus, we're launching more Accelerator Live options to help you get more immediate access to expert guidance.

Salesforce Help Enhancements

Get the help and guidance you need fast using our latest enhancements to our Help website: We’ve updated the appointment scheduling tool and implemented a better way to submit cases with more content and context.