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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how your sales reps can close deals faster with High Velocity Sales.
  • Explain how to reach prospects at the right time with Pardot: Einstein Behavior Scoring.
  • Discuss how small businesses can customize their sales stages with Salesforce Essentials.

High Velocity Sales

Give your inside sales reps the tools they need to succeed with High Velocity Sales. Efficiently reach out to the next lead with Work Queues and Lightning Dialer, intelligently identify the best leads with Einstein Lead Scoring, and easily follow sales best practices with Sales Cadences, all in one seamless Lightning Sales Console workspace.

Learn more about High Velocity Sales

CPQ & Billing: Usage-Based Pricing

Monetize your products and services based on consumption, then tier pricing based on usage limits with usage-based pricing. Charge for overages, summarize usage, and give invoices based on standard or custom time intervals.

Learn more about CPQ & Billing usage-based pricing

Pardot: Einstein Behavior Scoring

Align your sales and marketing team on prospect targeting with Einstein Behavior Scoring. Use Einstein AI to predict a prospect’s readiness to buy based on how they interact with marketing efforts. Now, your marketing team can identify which prospect engagements matter. Plus, your sales team can see the top factors influencing the score. 

Learn more about Pardot: Einstein Behavior Scoring.  

Salesforce Essentials: Sales Stage Customization

Tailor lead stages and opportunity stages to your unique small business needs. Salesforce Essentials recommends appropriate sales stages for businesses like yours.

Learn more about Salesforce Essentials and sales stage customization.   

Integration with Gmail

Access both Salesforce and Gmail with a single Chrome extension that lets you work with your Salesforce data, productivity tools, and Einstein AI, in one easy-to-use location.

Learn more about Gmail integration

Lightning Scheduler

Improve productivity and customer engagement with streamlined appointment booking.

Learn more about Lightning Scheduler. 


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