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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to increase transparency across teams and eliminate the need to switch between applications with native Quip in Salesforce.
  • Describe how your team can quickly reach the right decision with fewer meetings and no extra file versions using Quip Slides.
  • Discuss how to surface intelligent suggestions with advanced search in Quip.

Quip Slides

Get more work done with fewer, better meetings, and no extra file versions. Connect live data and charts to build alignment, capture feedback, and make decisions without email or file versions to slow you down.

Learn more about Quip Slides.

Native Quip in Salesforce

Collaborate right in your Salesforce pages by embedding Quip documents with the new Quip Document Lightning Component. Edit and comment on rich live documents, spreadsheets, and slides without switching apps. Set up integrated templates for standardizing and embedding new documents on Salesforce record pages.

Advanced Search

Use new search filters and intelligent suggestions to find what you’re looking for in Quip. Improvements to search algorithms ensure that your search results are always relevant to you, making it easier than ever to find what you're looking for in Quip.

Learn more about advanced search.

Three New Live Apps

Box Files View Live App and Dropbox Live App: Embed files and folders from Box and Dropbox directly within Quip documents to reference your archives and content libraries. Easily access your information whenever you need it.

Salesforce Record Live App: Make data-informed decisions by placing live Salesforce data directly inside of Quip documents. Now it works for all standard and custom objects.

Learn more about the new Quip Live Apps.

Task Drawer

Stay organized and on top of your projects with Task Drawer. Get a comprehensive list view of all the work you’re assigned, then pin your highest-priority tasks, sort or hide items, and check off completed tasks from directly within the Tasks drawer, located at the top of your sidebar.

Learn more about Task Drawer.