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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how new quick actions save you time.
  • Explain how to intelligently route cases to the right agents with Omni-Channel Setup Flow.
  • Increase personalization in customer conversations with new Workspace Components.

Quick Actions in Lightning Experience

In Spring ’18, give your agents the tools they need to take action and respond to customers across multiple records at one time. On cases, leads, or custom objects, agents can use mass quick actions to create and update records, saving time.

A mass quick action in Salesforce. Check the boxes next to multiple records, then use the quick action to update all selected records.

Learn more about Quick Actions.

Omni-Channel Setup Flow

Deliver Omni-Channel service in three simple steps. Easily configure Service Cloud to intelligently route cases to agents based on their skill set, availability, and capacity in three guided steps. Omni-Channel Setup Flow makes it easy for admins to set up multiple queues so agents can sit back and wait for the cases to roll in.

Create a queue as part of the three steps to set up omni channel flow

Learn more about Omni-Channel Setup Flow.

Workspace Components

Put the right information at your agents’ fingertips. Personalize every customer conversation by giving agents the right information as they work in the Lightning Service Console. Empower agents to personalize service and close cases faster by displaying critical case information while viewing other tabs in the console. A case in Salesforce with key customer details highlighted at the top of the page

Learn more about Workspace Components.

Social Conversations Component

Empower agents with full social context for every customer, at a glance. Take your social customer service to the next level with more customer visibility than ever before, right in the Lightning Service Console. Agents can easily personalize customer conversations and close cases faster with at-a-glance details about a customer’s social persona, previous conversations and interactions, sentiment, and influencer status.

A case in Salesforce that shows a customer’s social interactions and social persona.

Learn more about Social Conversations Components.

Customizations for Web Snap-Ins

Ensure brand consistency with the full power of chat customization. Take full control of your Web Snap-ins chat experience, and match your company’s unique branding with Lightning components. Now in Spring ’18, customize the pre-chat form and use direct-to-button routing, automated invitations, and sensitive data rules to ensure you’re delivering a personalized experience to your customers.

A customer website with a chat popup window with the customer’s branding

Learn more about Customizations for Web Snap-ins.

Return Order Management

Streamline every product return. Simplify the process of returning or repairing products for customers or mobile workers. Empower customers to initiate returns from a community, and empower agents to create return orders based on customer or mobile worker requests—including details about the products being returned.

An order record in Salesforce

Learn more about Return Order Management.

Crew Scheduling

Easily schedule the right crew for the job. Easily define and schedule teams of mobile workers, saving time and ensuring the right set of experts are on the job. Define crew members, and review and assign skills to ensure that every job gets done right, the first time.

Crew scheduling calendar within Field Service Lightning in Salesforce, showing all of the field agents and their appointments

Learn more about Crew Scheduling.

Guided Setup

Get started delivering service in the field on the right foot. Set up for success with guided onboarding flows for Field Service Lightning. Ensure you have the right territories, skills, and resources to handle the complexities of your business with the best practices and guides for next steps.

Guided setup for Field Service Settings

Learn more Guided Setup.