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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Einstein Forecasting increases accuracy.
  • Explain how managers can coach reps with Lightning Dialer Call Monitoring.
  • Identify potential uses for macros in Lightning Sales Console.

Einstein Forecasting

With Einstein Forecasting, trade guesswork for accurate forecasts at the rep, team, and company levels. Machine learning spotlights the key business factors driving sales predictions, making insights immediate and actionable. And you can quickly address the most valuable and at-risk deals with Opportunity Scoring Records shown on the Forecasts tab in Salesforce, with the Einstein prediction forecasted amount column highlighted

Learn more about Einstein Forecasting.

Lightning Dialer Call Monitoring

Drive sales rep performance improvements with real-time feedback. With Lightning Dialer Call Monitoring, managers can listen in to their sales reps’ phone conversations with customers and prospects and give real-time input. Feedback, commentary, and encouragement help sales reps immediately understand where to improve, where they’re doing well, and where they can improve their skills.

A lead record in Salesforce with the Lightning Dialer softphone feature launched

Learn more about Lightning Dialer Call Monitoring.

Macros in Lightning Sales Console

Gain efficiency by turning repetitive processes into one-click tasks. No point in doing the same actions again and again when repetitive tasks can be automated. Using macros in the Lightning Sales Console, sales reps can choose which tasks to trigger with a click of their mouse. Now, they can sell faster than ever with the Lightning Sales Console, saving hours each week.

Lightning Sales Console in Salesforce with a lead record open and the macro component open, showing the available macros to use

Learn more about Macros in Lightning Sales Console.

Opportunity Splits in Lightning Experience

Easily build out your sales process in the Lightning Experience. It’s the Opportunity Splits you know, love, and rely on—now available in Lightning Experience for Sales Cloud. Easily share revenue from an opportunity with your team members, and roll the sales reps’ individual sales credits into quota and pipeline reports for the entire team.

An opportunity record in Salesforce with the Opportunity Splits component shown. There are three salespeople shown on the Opportunity Splits component who are splitting the opportunity revenue.

Learn more about Opportunity Splits in Lightning Experience.

Bidirectional Calendar Sync for Exchange

Keep your calendars aligned without the pain of double data entry. Lightning Sync for Exchange 2013 and 2016 is better than ever thanks to Bidirectional Calendar Sync. When you add an event to your Salesforce or Outlook calendar, Lightning Sync makes sure it shows up in both places—no more double data entry. It even syncs the attendees so you always know who you’re meeting with each day.

A sample Outlook calendar with events synced from Salesforce displayed

Learn more about Bidirectional Calendar Sync for Exchange.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Maximize marketing ROI with multi-touch attribution analytics. With B2B Marketing Analytics, marketers can visualize campaign ROI across the funnel to prioritize the channels and programs that work best. With first, even, and last touch attribution, marketers gain insights into which channels drive awareness, perform across all buying stages, and help drive deals to close.

Video Link:

Multi-Touch Attribution dashboard allowing you to visualize campaign ROI directly in your CRM