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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how mySalesforce allows you to custom brand your mobile experience.
  • Describe the GDPR compliance strategy for the Salesforce platform.
  • Explain how to get intelligent assessments inside your CRM.


Custom brand every employee’s mobile experience. With mySalesforce, customers can publish Salesforce apps in the App Store and Google Play with their own branding. Customers can publicly distribute their own branded mobile app, replacing the Salesforce branding (logos, colors, icons, and more) with their own.

Learn more about mySalesforce.

GDPR Compliance Support for the Salesforce Platform

This feature includes enhancements to support GDPR, including a new Individual object added to store simple consent and intent to exercise rights, as well as expanded control over deletion of data in Big Objects and archives of Field Audit Trail to facilitate the right to be forgotten.

A sample record on the new Individual object in Salesforce

Learn more about GDPR Compliance for the Salesforce Platform.

Private Space Peering

Build secure multicloud apps that span AWS and Salesforce. Heroku Private Space Peering connects the isolated private space network to apps and services in Amazon Virtual Public Clouds that are controlled by the customer. Customers can now build apps in Heroku that connect securely and privately to workloads in AWS like a directory service.

The picture shows the connection between Amazon Web Services and the Heroku Private Space. This feature connects the isolated private space network to apps and services in Amazon Virtual Public Clouds.

Learn more about Private Space Peering.

Platform Encryption

Get expanded coverage and better visibility into statistics. Organizations coming from highly regulated industries can embed strong encryption at rest capabilities to more sensitive, proprietary, and regulated data—all while controlling the lifecycle of their encryption keys. Enhancements in this release include additional fields available for encryption and the new encryption statistics page. In the Spring ’18 Release, new fields available for encryption include opportunity name, description, next step, contract address, and individual’s name. New Encryption Statistics offers increased visibility into how much of the org’s field and file data is encrypted at rest, and whether they’re using the most current, active key.

The Encryption Statistics page in Setup where you can set the fields to encrypt on different objects

Learn more about Platform Encryption.

Salesforce Surveys

Get intelligent assessments inside your CRM. With Salesforce Surveys, users can create beautiful, easy-to-use forms for collecting feedback and data using the Salesforce platform. These flexible survey and assessment tools are designed to enhance customer engagement and can be sent with one click. Watch the results roll in on reports and dashboards inside Salesforce.

A sample survey being created in Salesforce, with options for radio buttons, multiple choice, text, rating, and date fields

Learn more about Salesforce Surveys.

Einstein Platform Services

Empower any developer to build AI-powered apps. Einstein Platform Services allow you to build AI-powered apps fast by making the power of image recognition and natural language processing accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level. You can easily train deep learning models at scale using Einstein’s integrated REST APIs in Apex and Heroku. Integrate deep learning models into your apps with Einstein Vision and Language to unlock valuable customer insights from text and images, so you can bring new levels of productivity to your customers.

 A custom object tab in Salesforce with a set of survey records and a sentiment score powered by Einstein Platform Services

Learn more about Einstein Platform Services.