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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how custom theming and branding helps you customize Lightning Experience.
  • Personalize your navigation bar to support how you work.
  • List the benefits of the new Lightning Developer Components.

Custom Theming and Branding

As part of myLightning, Custom Theming and Branding for Lightning Experience lets you customize key styling elements, such as the global header color, brand image, link color, page background color and image, as well as the default banner and avatar images for groups and user profiles.

A sample Salesforce org with custom branding for a company named Northern Trail

Learn more about Custom Theming and Branding.

Personalized Navigation

As part of myLightning, Personalized Navigation in Lightning Experience lets you personalize the navigation bar to suit the unique way you work. You can reorder items, and even rename or remove items you’ve added. You can even add temporary tabs to the navigation bar to access items like a dashboard, list, or record, and make the temporary tab permanent.

A tab in Salesforce with customized items added to the list

Learn more about Personalized Navigation.

Lightning Developer Components

Accelerate app development and customization with new Lightning components. With the Spring ’18 Release, we are delivering dozens of new Lightning components, including lightning:inputField, for the Salesforce developer and admin community to accelerate app development and customization.

Learn more about new Lightning Developer Components.

Dynamic Lightning Pages

Make your Lightning app and home pages dynamic. As part of myLightning, Dynamic Lightning pages let you control when a component appears on a Lightning record page by adding filter conditions and logic to its properties. Now in Spring ’18, you can set visibility conditions for components on the Lightning app and home pages too.

A Dynamic Lightning page shown in Lightning App Builder with various components

Learn more about Dynamic Lightning Pages.

Console JavaScript API

Access Lightning Console apps programmatically. The Lightning Console JavaScript API gives you programmatic access to Lightning Console apps, so you can fully integrate Lightning Console apps with the Lightning framework and extend them to meet your business needs. In Spring ’18, we added the ability to use many of the Classic Salesforce Console Integration Toolkit APIs in Lightning Console. You can now use your existing Visualforce pages and third-party web tabs containing JavaScript APIs in Lightning Console without rewriting any of your code. Additionally, you can now use the openTab and openSubtab APIs to open web tabs in Lightning Console apps.

A Visualforce page showing sample code with the console JavaScript API functions

Learn more about the Console JavaScript API.

Lightning Flow

As part of myLightning, Lightning Flow lets you build flows with Lightning components on your screens. You can make your flows a beautiful guided experience by overriding the elements of the flow with design built by your Lightning component. Also, you can now pause your flow and pick it up later, since the person who starts a flow isn’t always the one who finishes it.

A Lightning Flow where you can choose from various options for a credit card design, showing multiple designs you can select from

Learn more about Lightning Flow.