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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to deliver personalized experiences with Audience Targeting.
  • Explain how to provide connected marketing experiences.
  • Measure the success of your self-service community with Case Deflection Tracking.

Marketing Cloud 1-to-1 Journeys

With the Marketing Cloud Journey Builder integration, community managers and marketing managers can place community members on rich journeys, boosting engagement and driving activity in the community.

A template-based email with content and a preview of the email before sending it

Learn more about Marketing Cloud 1-to-1 Journeys.

Audience Targeting

Deliver personalized and connected experiences with enhanced Audience Targeting.

With Audience Targeting, deliver a personalized experience to each customer by targeting them with the components they care about. It’s as simple as selecting a component in the builder and assigning it an audience.

 A builder screen where you can choose different components and select the audience

Learn more about Audience Targeting.

Distributed Marketing for Partner Communities

Empower your partners to provide connected marketing experiences. Thanks to an integration between Community Cloud and Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder, you can now empower every partner to be a digital marketer. Corporate marketing and channel marketers can lead marketing initiatives by developing campaigns, ensuring brand compliance, and understanding journey engagement with deep analytics. Partners can then leverage these resources by easily choosing campaigns from Campaign Marketplace, where campaigns are displayed in an easy-to-consume tile view.

A sample partner community with a Campaigns-related list and a Chatter component

Learn more about Distributed Marketing for Partner Communities.

Case Deflection Tracking

Measure the success of your self-service community with Case Deflection Tracking. When customers create a case in the Contact Support Form, they will see potential solutions, such as articles or previous community discussions, in the new Case Deflection component. When they click the content, they can decide to abandon their form. Any instance of a deflected case is tracked and can be displayed in the new Case Deflection Dashboard.

A sample online community for Capricorn Coffee with a web form for submitting cases

Learn more about Case Deflection Tracking.

Calendar Component

Organize your events and view other users’ calendars in one view directly from your community. Access Salesforce calendars from your Lightning community and share your calendar with others. Use the new Calendar component to view your events and other users’ calendars directly from your community on your desktop or mobile device. Enable better collaboration and drive partner productivity by publishing a calendar of upcoming events, building a team calendar, or tracking your upcoming events on My Calendar.

A sample community with the Calendar component showing sample events

Learn more about the Calendar Component.