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Learn the Prerequisites and Enable Einstein Bots

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • List the licenses you need to enable bots.
  • Describe the features to set up before enabling bots.
  • Enable Einstein Bots.

Chatbot Prerequisites

As admin Maria Jimenez explores what it takes to set up and administer chatbots for Ursa Major Solar, she notices that the technology relies on a number of Salesforce features. Since bots work as a customer channel, offer articles from a knowledge base, process information with Einstein, and gather metrics to gauge customer service health, they span many areas of the Salesforce Platform. Maria sees bots as a thread tying many features together. Before she gets started in Salesforce, she learns that she needs to do these things first:

  1. Make sure that Ursa Major Solar has these licenses from Salesforce (not necessary for Trailhead Playgrounds):
    • Service Cloud license
    • Live Agent license
  2. Enable Lightning Experience.
    1. From Setup in Salesforce Classic, click Get Started in the Migration Assistant tile at the top of the menu.
    2. On the Turn It On tab in the Migration Assistant, click the button to switch it to Enabled.
  3. Run the Live Agent guided setup flow.
    1. This flow is available from Service Setup in Lightning Experience. If your org has Service Cloud, you can get to Service Setup by clicking Setup gear icon and selecting Service Setup.
    2. In Service Setup, you can find recommended setup flows, content, and tips based on what you’ve set up already. If you don’t see the setup flow you’re looking for, you can click View All to see the full list.
  4. Provide a Snap-ins chat button for your customers on your community or site.
    1. Create a Snap-ins deployment.
    2. Specify the Live Agent settings for your Snap-ins chat deployment.
    3. Customize the branding and appearance of your Snap-in.
    4. Customize labels for Snap-ins chat.
    5. Copy the Snap-ins chat code snippets and paste the code into your web pages.
    6. Customize the Snap-ins code snippet for optional parameters.
    7. Test the Snap-ins chat experience.

To find exact details on each task, Maria knows she can turn to the Salesforce help. After she completes each step in the bot requirements, she can enable bots in Setup.

Enable Bots

With her bot requirements met, Maria is ready to find and enable Einstein Bots. This is how she does it.

  1. From Setup, enter Einstein Bots in the Quick Find box and select Einstein Bots.
  2. In the Settings area:
    1. Click the toggle on next to Einstein Bots (1).
    2. To store chat transcripts, including customer data, in the conversation log, click Action menu next to Log Conversations and select Edit (2).
      Settings area with numbers one and two.
    3. Select Store Einstein Bots conversation data and click Save.
    Log conversations dialog in settings
  3. In the Deployment Channels area:
    1. Click Action menu next to Live Agent and select Edit.
    2. Select Enable Live Agent Channel (1).
    3. To provide your customers with a persistent menu of options for interacting with your Einstein Bot, select Enable Einstein Bots Options Menu (2).
      Set Live Agent channel for bots and enable Bot Options menu
  4. Click Save.

When you create and edit chatbot dialogs, you can choose to add them to the Bot Options Menu.

Bot preview with Bot Options Menu circled

Ursa Major Solar is well on their way to a creating a chatbot to support their customers. With a few simple planning ideas and pointer towards crafting bot content, their bot adventure has just begun.