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Understand the Benefits of Sales Cloud

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Explain what Sales Cloud is and how it can help companies scale and grow.
  • Decide if you’re ready to move from SalesforceIQ CRM to Sales Cloud.
  • Identify four adjectives that describe Sales Cloud.

Pick Your Flavor of Sales Cloud

Now that we've talked about what it means to be a SalesforceIQ CRM customer, let's talk about taking your business to the next level with Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud is a cloud-based CRM that enables businesses to grow, scale, and serve their customers better than ever before. With customizable features, top-notch security, in-depth reporting and analytics, and a mobile app that works as fast as you do, Sales Cloud is the World's #1 CRM.

The first thing she wants to know is what edition, or flavor, of Sales Cloud is right for her team. Why? Just like you have a favorite pie, there’s an edition of Sales Cloud that is just right for your business.

Small businesses who’ve been using SalesforceIQ CRM’s starter edition are perfect candidates for Essentials. It’s ready to use after a few setup steps and made for businesses with simple workflows.

Medium-sized businesses like Salesforce IQ CRM’s Growth edition are made for Professional Edition. With more customizations and improved collaboration tools, Professional Edition is the ideal solution for customers who want to take their business to the next level with a growing team.

Last but not least, Business Customers are best suited for Enterprise or Unlimited editions. They accommodate the biggest customers with complex workflows and unlimited support.

Patsy sees growth on the horizon for Patsy’s Hand Pies, so she decides that Professional Edition is the right fit.

Are You Ready for Sales Cloud?

Now that she's in the know about what each edition of Sales Cloud offers, Patsy takes a look at her business to see if she's ready to make her move. At a high level, here are a few signs that Patsy’s ready for an update.
  • Her customer information is available to everyone in her company. SalesforceIQ CRM is great for sharing information across an organization, but with bigger customers who have more sensitive data, she needs more sharing options.
  • She doesn't have a plan to scale fast. When their best-selling hand pie was featured on the Food Channel, demand spiked higher than a whipped meringue. Patsy and her team found it nearly impossible to manage all of the leads flooding their email, voicemail, inboxes, and social media accounts.
  • She has a lot of questions she'd like to answer. With Sales Cloud, Patsy can get the detail she needs that Salesforce IQ CRM’s pre-built reports can’t provide.
  • She wants a mobile platform. These days, business is rarely done in the office. Sales Cloud’s Salesforce app allows Patsy can run her business from anywhere.
  • She wants to customize for her business. Patsy is ready for a CRM that she can personalize to make selling faster, easier, and personalized for her needs.
Luckily, these problems are exactly what Sales Cloud was built to solve. With that in mind, Patsy’s ready to take her next step towards signing up.

Know Your Ingredients for Success

Last but not least, Patsy wants to determine if Sales Cloud satisfies her four musts, the ingredients of a successful CRM. For Patsy’s Hand Pies to sign on, Sales Cloud needs to be:
  • Customizable: Her business is unique and she wants a CRM that offers reporting, dashboards and features that are tailored to her needs.
  • Intuitive: She wants her sales reps to easily adapt to this new product.
  • Supported: Can her sales reps get help with skilling up? Is there documentation and support to answer her questions?
  • Mobile: She's constantly on the move and so is her business. Ensuring that her CRM can move with her is necessary to be successful.

Pies for One, Pies for All

With offerings like the Sweet Potato Pizazz, Patsy's Hand Pies becomes a city-wide sensation. With larger, more complex orders, Patsy wants to customize her records and reports to answer questions like, “What boroughs are buying the most?” and “Where should I plan my next location?” Salesforce IQ CRM was just what she needed to get up and running fast, but Sales Cloud is just the solution she needs to bring her sensational sweets across every bridge and tunnel of the city successfully.

With that, her next step is to move her data from Salesforce IQ CRM to Sales Cloud. In our next module, we walk through the steps to make this migration a cakewalk.