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Know When You’re Ready to Move to Sales Cloud

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe SalesforceIQ CRM and the customers that use it.
  • Explain why a growing business uses a CRM.
  • Identify one way that SalesforceIQ customers know when they're ready to upgrade to Sales Cloud.

SalesforceIQ CRM to Sales Cloud Transition

Take a look at your computer or cell phone. Do you see any icons or numbers nudging you about your next software update?

Our devices are constantly telling us to update, refresh, and replace them to take advantage of the latest technology. Sometimes, we procrastinate or grumble about a forced restart, but once it's done, the faster speed or improved graphics remind us that these upgrades make things better.

For SalesforceIQ CRM customers, we're excited to announce that you have an upgrade in store that will totally change the way you work. That upgrade is called Sales Cloud.

In this trail, we're going to talk about how your business worked with SalesforceIQ CRM and how Sales Cloud will take it to new heights. Then, we'll get into detail about migrating all of your important data and the steps you take to get up and running fast.

Get to know SalesforceIQ CRM Customers

SalesforceIQ CRM customers are some of the best out there. They're nimble go-getters who build businesses, grow them, and truly care about each of their customers. Take Patsy's Hand Pies for example. Patricia Chang-affectionately known as Patsy- started making delectable treats in her tiny apartment kitchen for birthdays and holidays. Now, she has grown a passion for pastry into an industrial kitchen with a 40 gallon mixer, three ovens and a sales team. Go Patsy, get your pastry on! Like any growing business, Patsy's Hand Pies prioritized serving their customers. At the bottom of the totem pole? Organizing her business. With a few spreadsheets, shared documents and a cell phone, Patsy fielded incoming order requests and hoped she wouldn't lose their contact information. If the calls were really important, she'd write their information down on a sticky note and slap it on the fridge.

Patsy looking concerned on her cell phone

Once she expanded from a stall at the weekly farmer's market to galas and large-scale events, Patsy decided it was time to find a CRM, or customer relationship management, system. There were too many numbers, emails, events, and tasks to track. After some careful thought, she purchased SalesforceIQ CRM. With a few simple setup steps, it was an out-of-the-box solution that had everything they needed and nothing they didn’t. And, its intuitive layout was sure to help her sales team turn sweet leads into fully-baked opportunities.

Now, business is booming and several local grocery stores are interested in stocking her dreamy treats. Patsy sees the business growing faster than a soufflé, and to accelerate this rise, it’s time to plan her next move.

When Patsy thinks about what she needs, there are a few things that come to mind. She wants a tool that can track her support cases as well as her sales data. She wants to create custom reports that can help her pick a new location or segment the flavors that sell best in different locations. And she wants a CRM that will tie her most important to-dos together in a single place.

After some careful thought and research, Patsy thinks Sales Cloud is the way to put pies in the hands and homes of more customers than ever before. In our next unit, we’ll roll out the reasons why Sales Cloud’s customizable features and next-level integrations are sure to make Patsy’s pies a booming business.