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Map Key SalesforceIQ Terms to Sales Cloud

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Map SalesforceIQ CRM terms to Sales Cloud terms.
  • Describe the difference between starting your day in SalesforceIQ CRM and Sales Cloud.
  • Identify the Sales Cloud features that jumpstart your day.

Map Key Terms

Coffee and morning pie in hand, Patsy starts her path to Sales Cloud success. First, she wants to make sure she understands just how all of her favorite features and actions from SalesforceIQ CRM work in Sales Cloud.

Let’s start with the big one, lists and objects. A list in SalesforceIQ CRM acts the same way as an object in Sales Cloud. A list in SalesforceIQ CRM is a collection of contacts or accounts representing a business process, such as a sales pipeline or list of prospective accounts. Here’s how a few more of the most important terms in SalesforceIQ map to Sales Cloud:
Salesforce IQ Sales Cloud
Opportunity List Opportunity Object
Leads List Leads Object
Account Properties Account Object
Contact Properties Contact Object


For a complete list of all the terms, check out the feature mapping article in the resource section.

On a typical day with SalesforceIQ CRM, Patsy would start by looking at the gridview to check on her most important accounts. She clicks on account name, which brings her to the stream view. In the Stream, she notes each of her reps’ progress, their contact with the client, and progress on the account.

Each rep's progress in the stream

When Patsy logs into her Sales Cloud account, she scans for tasks, events or new activity on her top accounts that need attention. Just by selecting an opportunity like Millennium Grocery, she sees their sales stage, account details, progress, and contact history with her sales team.

Since Patsy enabled Einstein Activity Capture, her team's client emails and meetings have automatically been pulled into Sales Cloud, just like in SalesforceIQ CRM. From an account or opportunity page, she can also make quick inline edits, use Chatter to collaborate with teammates, and see where the opportunity is headed next.

She sets a Task to follow up with them over email and checks her dashboards to see how sweet their progress is this month. In two weeks time, she gets a helpful nudge from Sales Cloud to follow up on Millennium Grocery; a simple, foolproof way to ensure new business doesn't fall through the cracks.