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Get to Know Our Community, Resources, and Events

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe what a journey to success looks like with Salesforce.
  • List the benefits of being part of a community dedicated to your success.
  • Know where to get started, connect with others, get help, share ideas, and collaborate.

Understanding the Power of Our Ecosystem

At Salesforce, we believe in the idea that we’re all in this together, and can benefit from helping each other learn, grow, and succeed. Our ecosystem was created to help customers get access to whatever they need, whenever they need it. It extends past our employees and includes a community of users, experts, and partners who are always there to help each other.

Welcome to the Salesforce Trailblazer Community.

Whether you’re starting fresh with Salesforce, rebooting an instance or are just looking for best practices, we’ve found that customers who are actively involved in this community experience a multiplier effect and get more bang for their buck out of Salesforce. Want to get started on the right foot? Here’s a punch list of things you should do.

Get yourself to Dreamforce

Have you been? You should really go. Seriously, it’s cool.

Attend a Local Event

Can’t get to Dreamforce? Attend an event the next time we roll into your hometown. These events give you the chance to attend great keynotes, learn firsthand from leading customers how to be successful with Salesforce, and get up close and personal with our entire suite of products.

Mark your calendar! If we don't have a Salesforce event coming to you in the near future, join in on one of our local user groups or developer groups.

Explore the AppExchange

The world’s leading business app marketplace is the Salesforce AppExchange. Browse over 3,200 apps available for download.

Fun story: Salesforce actually trademarked the phrase App Store before Apple. Steve Jobs was a great mentor to our founder and CEO, Marc Benioff. He advised Marc early on to think bigger and build an app economy around Salesforce. This was several years before the iPhone and the App Store appeared, when Apple only made computers and iPods. Marc immediately formed a team that went to work building the infrastructure to power an ecosystem of third-party Salesforce developers and a marketplace for apps. The App Exchange launched at the beginning of 2006. When Apple unveiled its App Store in July 2008, Marc passed the trademark to the company as a thank you for the generous vision and advice that Steve Jobs shared with him.

Similar to Apple’s App Store, the AppExchange is our marketplace for apps. It contains thousands of incredible pre-built apps from partner companies like Box, Google, DocuSign, Dropbox, and MailChimp. Everything you need to succeed! And did we mention that a number of them are FREE? How cool is that?

Everything on the AppExchange is built on Salesforce, so it’s all in lock step with your Salesforce instance and ready to go as soon as you need it.

No building apps from scratch? Time back to work on more complex technology issues? Needless to say, developers love this one. Go check it out!

Consult with an Implementation Partner

Our partners, also called System Integrators, have deep technology and industry expertise to help get Salesforce up and running in a way that ensures you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Because Salesforce is designed to be flexible, it’s incredibly important that your journey begins with understanding how to customize it to unlock the true value for your company. What you put in is truly what you get out, and our partners are here to ensure you get started off on the right foot.

These fine folks include all-around heavy hitters like Accenture and Deloitte to local and industry-specific partners who can give you a tailor-made implementation. You can feel confident that they have the expertise and experience to share helpful tips for your business and get you through any potentially sticky situations, like integrating existing technology into Salesforce.

Become a Customer Trailblazer with Trailhead

Of course, you know about Trailhead—you’re in it now! What is amazing is that you can use Trailhead to help you or your team learn and adopt Salesforce in a fun, easy way. With Trailhead, we're empowering everyone—from newbie to expert—to be a Customer Trailblazer.

Who are Customer Trailblazers? They are individuals and companies who use Salesforce to drive innovation, solve problems, transform their company, and grow their career. We’re all about empowering everyone to be their best, and we’re inspired everyday by people who take control of their futures with Salesforce.

No matter if you are an admin or a CEO, with Salesforce, you can become customer Trailblazers by:

  • Innovating with Salesforce.
  • Growing your careers with Trailhead.
  • Being your best selves.
  • Transforming your sales, service, and marketing teams.
  • Improving your community.

Regardless of background, everyone can learn, grow, and make an impact to their business with Salesforce. And, of course, make new Trailblazer friends in our global community. Next we discover where we can meet them.