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Know Your Customer Better with Salesforce & Google

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of the Salesforce and Google partnership.
  • Understand the top features of the Salesforce and Google integrations.


This module was produced in collaboration with Google, which owns, supports, and maintains the Google products, services, and features described here. Use of Google products, services, and features is governed by privacy policies and service agreements maintained by Google.

The Salesforce and Google Partnership launched in November 2017. Since that time, our engineers have been innovating together to help our customers get more actionable insights and increased productivity out of our platforms. 

“Our partnership with Google represents the best of both worlds for our customers. There has never been an easier way for companies to run their entire business in the cloud—from productivity apps, email and analytics, to sales, service and marketing apps, this partnership will help make our customers smarter and more productive.”

— Marc Benioff, Co-CEO, Salesforce

The Focus of Our Integrations

The Salesforce and Google Strategic Partnership is focused on the integration with the Google Marketing Platform, G Suite, availability on Google Cloud, and enabling you to better know your customer.

Our partnership currently consists of three main focus areas. Below is an overview. Throughout this module, we’ll explore these more and show how they help you better understand your customer needs.

Salesforce and Google Analytics 360

Connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Google Analytics 360. 

Every customer has a story, but chapters of that story can reside on your website, in Salesforce, and even in offline spreadsheets. These chapters won’t make sense, and you won’t truly know your customer if you don’t put them all together.

Salesforce Platform and G Suite

Let’s not forget that if you’re a sales rep, service rep, or a marketing professional, you are a key character in your customer’s story. 

Whether you’re working in the background to make sure you provide the right solution, or you’re communicating directly with the customer, the goal is to be a trusted guide, not an antagonist. That means you’re speaking your customer’s language. That means you’re following up at the right time. That means you’re making it easier for them to do business with you.

Salesforce Platform and G Suite makes sure your communications and data-gathering tools (email, calendar, spreadsheets, and more) are all in sync with your CRM. You may seem like a wizard with a bag of magic, but we know it’s because all of your productivity tools are connected and working together.

Salesforce and Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a preferred cloud provider for Salesforce. We use Google Cloud to increase the global scale of our services and deliver native integration between our cloud platforms. This happens in the background and is transparent to you.

Also, the customer story happens in a single world. Surface data residing in BigQuery directly within Salesforce so you can have better insights to act on, and deepen your relationships with your customers.

Better Data and Relationships to Know Your Customer Better

The Salesforce and Google integration is expansive. Let’s go one level deeper to see how all this gets done. 

The Salesforce and Google Joint Benefits include Better Knowing Your Customer, Increased Productivity, Big Data Insights, Connected “Things,” Application Performance, Media Activation, Campaign Attribution, Personalized Journeys, and a Simplified Buying Experience.

  • Increased Productivity: Integration between the Salesforce platform and three of G Suite’s most powerful apps: Gmail, Drive, and Sheets.
  • Big Data Insights: Surface data from BigQuery directly into Salesforce apps with Einstein Analytics.
  • Connected Things: Integrate IoT data between Google Cloud and Salesforce for real-time interactions.
  • Application Performance: The Salesforce Lightning Experience has been developed to wow customers that also use Chrome.
  • Media Activation: Take action on your data in Google Marketing Platform by better optimizing your paid media spend and delivering relevant messages to tailored audiences.
  • Campaign Attribution: Pair customer lifetime value data from Salesforce with Analytics 360 data to get better insight into which marketing channels deliver the right interactions and best value to customers.
  • Personalized Journeys: Connect site analytics data from Analytics 360 with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder. Know your customer and be the trusted guide in their story. Make the journey even more impactful by testing & personalizing website content for your email campaigns via Google Optimize 360.
  • Simplified Buying Experience: Salesforce is an Analytics 360 Reseller in the United States and Canada. This provides Salesforce customers with a simple process for purchasing the world’s leading marketing solutions: Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Marketing Platform.


Let’s consider this the table of contents for your own journey into getting to know your customer better for improved customer relationships. It’s now time to turn the page and see where it takes us.