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Create Connected Experiences Across Platforms

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Salesforce Einstein Analytics integrates with BigQuery.
  • Explain the limits of the Salesforce Einstein Analytics and BigQuery integration.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics and BigQuery

With Einstein Analytics, we are delivering key insights from CRM data at scale. But what about data that goes beyond CRM? Pulling this data in often means collecting numerous documents and spreadsheets from different transaction systems, data warehouses, and geographies. Traversing data silos can leave you with a feeling that the reports on hand are always out of date.

Salesforce has created an Einstein Analytics connector with BigQuery to provide simple ways for connecting such data. The goal is to enable smarter data prep to speed up your journey to actionable insights. 

  • Augment your CRM data with external data in BigQuery.
  • Intelligently prepare and clean your data.
  • Create Analytics Apps with fewer clicks.

We have made it possible to sync all the objects that you need from the source. You can then prepare the data in these connected objects, using an Einstein Analytics Recipe or Dataflow, to create your final dataset.

BigQuery can be selected as a data source for synchronization into Einstein Analytics Datasets.

Use your new dataset in Einstein Analytics dashboards. For example, you can create an interactive dashboard using data from BigQuery that summarizes activity from an advertising campaign, including a summary of engagement by channel and overall ad spend by geography. 

Executive Launch Event dashboard from Einstein Analytics pulled into the Campaign object in Salesforce.

Connector Limits and Limitations

Here are some things to consider when you’re working with the BigQuery connector.

  • You can sync data from up to 100 objects in Einstein Analytics. This total includes local and external objects.
  • The amount of data that Einstein Analytics can sync through external connections depends on the connector.
    • The BigQuery connector can sync up to 100 million rows or 50 GB per object, depending on which limit is reached first.
  • Incremental sync and filters are only available with the Salesforce Local connector.
  • Data read time for a connection depends on the connection type.

Start Your Story

With this module, we’ve only reviewed the main plot points about the Salesforce and Google partnership. There’s so much more of this story to explore. We have additional badges you can earn, documentation you can check out—but most importantly, we encourage you to go forth and start your story of better data, productivity, and deeper customer relationships.