Use Events to Drive Business Value

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the importance of events.
  • Identify five ways you can create impactful events.

Why Are Events Important?

Here at Salesforce we have found that events build our audience reach and accelerate business. In fact, events account for more than half of our inbound leads each year. And what’s even more incredible—when a customer from a sales opportunity attends an event, that deal is 5x more likely to close (on average)!

Events aren’t just a part of our marketing DNA, they provide space for skilling up and learning through product innovations and knowledge-filled sessions. And, as you can imagine, creating impactful events involves a lot of planning and execution.

Let’s hear Erin Oles, Salesforce VP of Brand Experiences & Events Marketing, discuss how we approach events as a key strategy, describe the impact they can have, and share 5 tips that every marketer can use to create powerful events. 

Key timestamps

1:36 - What is a V2MOM?

2:34 - Tip 1: Cater to the attendee.

4:00 - Tip 2: Let your customer do the talking.

4:56 - Tip 3: The event is the message.

5:49 - Tip 4: Always be relevant.

6:16 - Tip 5: Have fun and create magic.

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