Understand the Value of Audience Studio

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Audience Studio delivers value to businesses.
  • Describe what makes Audience Studio stand out from other DMPs.

The Fantastic Five Deliver the Value

We’ve talked about how Audience Studio does all kinds of great stuff with data so businesses reach key consumers in all the digital places they go. Now, let’s reveal how the fantastic five deliver that value. It’s surprisingly simple; here are the details:

Audience Studio helps businesses:
Unify and Identify
Leverage cross-device identity and Salesforce connectivity to apply a “people layer” of data that goes beyond devices.
Manage Consent
Use data governance tools to comply with consumer privacy laws and provision data with trust.
Segment and Enrich
Leverage all sources of your data to create deep audience personas and enrich with partner data.
Activate and Personalize
User behavioral data to drive better results in messaging, commerce, service, and more.
Gain Insights
Unlock the power of Einstein to explore customer journeys to inform planning and investment decisions.

The gist: Audience Studio makes it possible for businesses to...

  • Get more data about key consumers.
  • Protect that data for consumer trust.
  • Organize that data better to attract even more key consumers.
  • Connect meaningfully with all the key consumers they find.
  • Sell more and increase brand awareness.

More sales equal happier businesses, media companies, publishers, and ad agencies. And consumers are happier, too, because they know that businesses care about who they are and what they care about. Everybody wins with great data!

Let’s talk more about how we do this.

Built to Be a DMP

A little history lesson: Audience Studio was built at least three years later than the competition. It started in an era of smartphones and cloud storage—unlike other DMPs that were built before key trends changed the way we interact on digital channels. Today, it’s important to think about multiple devices and store much more data than ever before. Audience Studio has been doing that from the start.

Designed to Collect All Kinds of Data, for Longer

With Audience Studio, any data is welcome—like cookies, mobile, CRM, beacons, and point of sale (POS)—not just cookies. And Audience Studio stores that data longer. Here are the details:

Audience Studio:
This means:
Gathers all data from all kinds of touchpoints.
Use only the data organized in audience segments and throw the rest out.
Audience Studio uses data to reach massive audiences more quickly, in more places.
Stores all data for longer—up to 13 months.
Store data for only 30–90 days.
Businesses using Audience Studio can modify queries without starting over.

We Calculate All the Data

Thanks to Einstein, Audience Studio:

  • Aggregates all data, including data in data lakes and data warehouses.
  • Creates smarter consumer records using all kinds of data.
  • Analyzes all of that data to understand who consumers are, where they go online, what they’re buying, and what their journeys look like.


 Data lake = A data storehouse that holds a vast amount of data
in its original format until it’s needed.


 Data warehouse = A data storehouse that holds a vast amount of data
organized in files or folders.

Our Tools Help Businesses Strengthen Trust

Trust is our number one priority at Salesforce. This value continues with Audience Studio, which has made protecting clients' data a top priority from the start.  

The world's largest brands use Audience Studio's unique security features to:

  • Respect consumer data privacy choices across devices, data uses, regions and partners.
  • Maximize relevant and effective data-driven consumer experiences.
  • Comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations more easily and securely, and adapt to changing laws over time.
  • Provision data to share securely with trusted partners, controlling the timeframe, data uses, and business model.
  • Provide access to transparent, privacy compliant data from trusted partners.

We’re Friends with More Media Outlets and Publishers

Consumers visit many media outlets as part of their daily habits. Think news websites like The New York Times and NBC and publisher sites like Vogue or Time. These visits create lots of high-quality behavioral data that goes beyond classic ad campaign views and clicks. Consumers trust certain media outlets with their data, and those media sources trust Audience Studio to protect consumer data.

As a result, Audience Studio has access to more consumer data, when compared to other DMPs, who don’t have as many media relationships.

Sheesh, these are some great details.  In short, Audience Studio is designed to help businesses deliver the best digital experiences to consumers.  It does this by using more complete consumer data, in more intelligent ways, all while respecting consumer data privacy and consent choices.


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