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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how Audience Studio uses captured data.
  • Explain the five ways Audience Studio improves advertising performance.

Three Cheers for Three or More Devices

In a world where almost every consumer interacts with three or more devices, attention has shifted from TV and desktop computers to connected mobile devices. Consumers use devices to connect with any number of digital media sites, apps, e-commerce systems, and more.

Audience Studio makes it possible for businesses to communicate with all those devices so they make better digital advertising decisions about:

  • Who to target.
  • What messages to share.
  • Which channels, platforms, and sites are best for sharing their messages.

The more time businesses spend working with the data, the more precise results they see, which means they connect with more key consumers across more touchpoints.

Here’s our mathematician, Sarah, sitting with her cat Pickles on her sofa. Sarah’s typing on her laptop, occasionally eyeing her smartphone, and her TV is tuned to Hulu, too.

Sarah the mathematician sits on her sofa with Pickles the cat and a laptop on her lap. Sarah is connected to multiple devices, including her laptop, phone, watch, and TV.

Let’s say you’re the CMO of a pet food company and you want to figure out:

  • What browsers, websites, and media channels Sarah uses regularly.
  • What kinds of pet products she buys for Pickles.

Audience Studio helps your business do all of this. Let’s talk about how.

The Fantastic Audience Studio Five

Audience Studio helps businesses make smarter decisions about every aspect of digital advertising—and get better ROI—thanks to the five ways Audience Studio drives value:

  • Unify and Identify
  • Manage Consent
  • Segment and Enrich
  • Activate and Personalize
  • Gain Insights

Let’s have a look at what these five processes are all about and what Audience Studio features make them possible.

Businesses use Audience Studio to:
Thanks to this feature:
Unify and Identify
  • Gather consumer data.
  • Connect devices to a person for consistent messaging.
  • Connect CRM known data to DMP to activate on the open web.
  • Connect unknown DMP data to messaging and commerce campaigns to drive lift.
Cross-Device Identity Management

Native Onboarding

Manage Consent
  • Configure privacy framework settings.
  • Ingest consumer consent choices.
  • Fulfill consumer requests to comply with GDPR and other privacy laws.
  • Apply consent to data uses, segments and activation partners.
Consumer Rights Management
Segment and Enrich
  • Organize your consumer data into audience segments.
  • Enrich segments and grow scale with trusted partner data.
  • Create criteria for targeting audience segments.
  • Track audience segment growth.
Segment Builder

Data Studio
Activate and Personalize
  • Deliver audience segment data to relevant touchpoints and media sites.
  • Activate data programmatically anywhere across the open web with over 200 available integrations.
  • Use data to optimize messaging for various channels, platforms, and sites.
  • Make consumer journeys more relevant to specific consumer habits.
Segment Activation

Global Delivery Management
Gain Insights
  • Analyze relationships among billions of pieces of data coming from all kinds of touchpoints.
  • Find out what leads key consumers to buy, following full journeys instead of only looking at what they last clicked on.
  • Use these analyses to inform future ad planning and investment decisions.
Einstein Segmentation

Journey Insights

Sarah doesn’t always know it’s happening, but these processes go on around her all the time, giving her experiences that are relevant to how she shops. For example, when she shops online for cat toys for Pickles and then visits her favorite news website, she sees an ad for the cat toys she just browsed. That’s good data at work.

Sarah the mathematician has a better digital experience when businesses she shops with use Salesforce DMP. This is because of the ways Salesforce DMP helps businesses use their data better through Unify and Identify, Manage Consent, Segment and Enrich, Activate and Personalize, and Gain Insights.

It’s worth noting that businesses can use these ways in the order we list them here—unify and identify, manage consent, segment and enrich, activate and personalize, gain insights. They can also pick and choose which process to focus on at which times, depending on their current business goals.

Now you know how Audience Studio works. Next, let’s look at what makes Audience Studio stand out from the crowd.


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