Get a Complete View of Your Customers

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Salesforce puts the customer at the center of everything.
  • Describe what Customer 360 is.
  • Describe how the Customer 360 Platform enables customer success.

The Connected Customer

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating new ways for people to interact with the world around them, which means that there are more opportunities than ever before for customers to connect to businesses in a whole new way. Salesforce Customer 360 gives you a single view of your customers, so you can provide the top-of-the-line experience they expect.

Successful companies meet rising customer expectations with relevant and personalized interactions across all kinds of devices, channels, and in-store interactions.

Salesforce puts the customer at the center of everything—our products, services, and the Trailblazer community. Using Salesforce applications, you can integrate data from anywhere to get a complete picture of each customer, allowing your business to meet their needs across sales, service, marketing, and commerce.

Salesforce Applications and the Customer 360 Platform

Salesforce applications give you insight into your customers as they interact with your company. These applications include customer relationship management software—Sales Cloud to close deals and increase productivity, and Service Cloud to enhance your customer support by delivering seamless, intelligent customer service across all channels—along with productivity and employee experience (Quip), learning and re-skilling (myTrailhead), and analytics.

We also provide Salesforce Essentials, an easy-to-try solution created with small businesses in mind.

You'll find all of the resources we mentioned in the video at the bottom of this unit.

Transform Your Business in Record Time

Salesforce gives you the tools you need to bring your business into the age of the connected customer.

The Salesforce Customer 360 includes a set of applications, such as Sales, Service, and Marketing, and a platform with built-in services such as security, mobile, and voice.

We build the applications that make up the Customer 360 on the Customer 360 Platform. With the platform, you can scale quickly and build customizations at unprecedented speed, taking advantage of services that are built into Salesforce, such as artificial intelligence (AI), mobile, and blockchain.

The Customer 360 is designed for customer success. When your customers succeed, you succeed.

Built-in Innovation

In 1999 Salesforce became a Trailblazer by popularizing software as a service. Salesforce’s founders had a vision of cloud-based software that was always up to date, with little to no work for customers to do. We’ve been at the forefront of innovation ever since.

Because the Customer 360 Platform lives in the cloud, it comes with our latest innovations, which means that you always have the most cutting-edge tools and services to build with. For example, you get the power of voice without complicated integrations or extra installations.

Like all of Salesforce, the Customer 360 Platform was created with trust as the number one priority. Your data and your customers’ data are important to us, which is why the Customer 360 Platform is secure and trusted. You can configure user access, permissions, and other security features, ensuring that only the right people see the right data.

Along with its innovative underlying services, the Customer 360 Platform also provides developer tools that allow you to customize features and user interfaces, and build reusable components.