Boost Productivity and Increase Collaboration with Salesforce Anywhere

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how Salesforce Anywhere can help your team boost productivity and increase collaboration.
  • Explain how Salesforce Anywhere updates and streamlines old processes.

One Source of Truth

If you’ve ever tried to build a document that requires team input, you know how frustrating it can be to get everyone’s updates on the right version, incorporate all the necessary feedback, and keep egos in check. Which was the latest version that was updated? Were Makeda’s updates in a separate document? How do we know which version to work from? Did the customer already see that version?

As you prep for the day of your team meeting, you pull up a variety of tabs, reports, and other work on your laptop. You’re already anxious about switching between all of those tabs and programs, not to mention you’re still unsure if everything is up to date. Without a single source of truth, things can get messy, fast. 

Fortunately, Salesforce Anywhere can streamline your team’s processes, boost productivity, and increase collaboration. 

Structured and Unstructured Data

Wouldn’t it make your life much easier to have all of those tabs and programs in one place? With Salesforce Anywhere, you can bring all of your data in one place and move the conversation about the document onto the document. 

Since its inception, Salesforce has been a home for structured data—things like accounts, opportunities, and record-specific information. But what about unstructured data, such as account plans, mutual close documents, or even conversations about a given opportunity or case?

Traditionally, this type of information didn't have a specific home inside Salesforce. But now, with Salesforce Anywhere being accessible inside your instance of CRM, you have a place for both structured and unstructured data to coexist. This ultimately helps you to close deals and resolve cases faster, all within the context of your Salesforce CRM.

Diagram showing how the combination of Salesforce and Salesforce Anywhere technology empowers productivity through centralized work processes, manager visibility, decisions in context, standardized best practices, and fewer silos.

Work Where You Are

Just by selecting the Open in Quip button in your Salesforce instance, you can work from where you are. The document functions exactly the same in Salesforce as it does in Quip. This is especially beneficial if you have teams that work in different programs: for example, if your support team works in Quip, but your sales team works in Salesforce. With Salesforce Anywhere, you can share resources like Rich Opportunity Notes quickly and easily to ensure all your teams are aligned. 

Comments and Conversation Pane

The comments and conversation pane lets teams take the conversation about the document onto the document itself, regardless of if they have access to Salesforce or not. For example, maybe your admin team doesn’t have Salesforce, but you still want them to be able to see a document you’re about to send to a customer. You can quickly add a comment, tag the admin associated with that account, and ask for their feedback.

A team discussing feedback using the comments and collaboration pane. Team members ask for each other’s review and coordinate edits accordingly via chat.

This concept also applies to sharing with people outside your organization—for example, if you’re preparing a collaborative pricing proposal with another vendor and want them to weigh in. Rather than emailing versions back and forth, bring the conversation onto the document in Salesforce Anywhere. 

A huge benefit of this tool is that it creates broader transparency among your team. For instance, maybe you’re an account executive and have a question about your team’s account plan. If you leave a comment with your question on the account plan document in Salesforce Anywhere, and someone responds to you, your sales leader can see that the question has already been answered and won’t waste time tracking down the answer for you. This streamlines review processes and helps avoid duplicative work. 

The comments and conversation pane can also help you get organized. How many times have you asked yourself: Did I email that person about this document? Did I chat with them? Where did we talk about that topic?

Now, you don’t have to rack your brain to remember one-off conversations. All the discussion about the document lives on the document.  

Ultimately, the goal is to energize your team by working faster and better together. Whether you’re working from a browser, mobile app, or offline, your team will have a single source of truth for all of its structured and unstructured data.

Next, we cover the three main components of Salesforce Anywhere—Document Component, Associated Documents Component, and Notification Component—that work together to foster this collaboration. 


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