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Discover Sales Features for Lightning Experience

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe how customizing Salesforce affects adoption and project success.
  • Identify where Sales Cloud products fit into the sales cycle.
  • Describe the importance of research before plunging ahead with customizations.


As a Salesforce admin, it’s important that you help your sales teams get the most out of Salesforce. We’re here to help you do that. Because when your sales teams succeed, your company’s business thrives, and so do you.

We can get you up to speed so that you understand and set up sales features that help your sales teams:
  • Develop new business
  • Nurture customers to encourage repeat business
  • Engage in healthy competition
  • Report on deals in the pipeline, and report on sales results
We can also help you put together a winning project team, learn what your sales reps need from Salesforce, and make a plan for user adoption. But before you go any further, have you finished the Salesforce Basics and Lightning Experience Features modules? We ask because those modules provide a great foundation on which you can build with this trail, so that you get the most out of it.

If you’re ready to proceed in this trail, great! We’re eager to help you make a significant impact on your sales teams’ success rates.

What Salesforce Offers

Even if you use the standard, out-of-the-box functionality, Salesforce is überpowerful. But you have opportunities here to get Salesforce to work in a way that provides your teams a tailored selling experience.

First, let’s get a sense of the features available for your sales teams.
The important area What we help sales reps and managers do What we call it Icons to look for
Prospecting Work leads with the goal of converting them to product- and service-buying customers.

See for yourself how the lead workspace gets your reps on the path to improving relationships with prospects. Watch the Qualify and Convert Your Leads Efficiently video in the Resources section.

Leads Leads icon
Manage outbound marketing campaigns with direct mail programs, seminars, print ads, email, and other kinds of marketing collateral.

Organize campaigns into hierarchies for easy analysis to see what works best for increasing your company’s sales.

Campaigns Campaigns icon
Work deals according to your company’s sales processes.

See for yourself how the opportunity workspace gets your reps on the path to working deals and managing the pipeline. Watch the Work Your Opportunities and Manage Your Pipeline video in the Resources section.

Opportunities Opportunities icon
Get sales reps to adopt your company’s sales processes for working leads and opportunities. Take the guesswork out of what’s important to qualify leads and win deals. Sales Path
See a rep’s deals in a visual display, organized by stage. Kanban
Help reps work together more efficiently when you assign specific sales teams to individual opportunities. Team roles show who’s who on the team and help the team coordinate to sell more.

The opportunity owner can grant team members special access to records related to the opportunity.

Opportunity teams
Managing accounts, customers, and products Store information about the businesses you sell to and the people who work at them. Accounts and contacts Accounts icon

Contacts icon

Track a contact who’s associated with multiple accounts. Contacts to multiple accounts
Track the people who buy your company’s products for themselves. Person accounts
Manage and organize the products your company sells. Attach product details to opportunities to keep reps informed on which products are a part of the deals your reps work. Products and pricebooks
Simplifying productivity Track meetings that your reps schedule, the tasks ahead of them, and address other important activities in lists and reports. Activities
Use phone features without ever leaving Salesforce. Sales reps make and receive calls, add call notes, and log their call information all without leaving Salesforce. Lightning Voice
Get access to meaningful content on the home page, which you control. Heck, you can even make multiple home pages for various sales teams. Home
Take notes and share them with teammates to give context and insight into team selling. Notes Notes icon
Maintain clean and accurate data to make solid business decisions.

Control whether and when your reps can create duplicate records in Salesforce. Customize how Salesforce identifies duplicates; and create reports on the duplicates that your reps save.

Duplication Management
Connect, engage, and motivate your reps to work efficiently across your company regardless of role or location.

This internal corporate social network makes it easier for employees to collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns, and projects with embedded apps and custom actions.

Eliminate redundancy when reps sync contacts, events, and tasks between Microsoft email and Salesforce.

Reps can also relate important email to Salesforce records—directly in Microsoft email.

Microsoft® integration
Streamline email correspondence by letting your sales reps connect their Gmail or Office 365 account to Salesforce. Then, any emails your reps send from Salesforce go through Gmail or Office 365.

That means recipients see emails that come from your reps’ addresses and not from a Salesforce address. Gmail and Office 365 handle email deliverability and compliance.

Salesforce integrated email
Take Salesforce on the go!

Our enterprise-class mobile experience gives reps real-time access to the same information they see in the office. But the mobile format’s organized for getting work done faster between customer meetings, waiting for a flight, even when you’re in line for coffee.

See for yourself how your reps benefit from our mobile experience in the Salesforce Mobile App Overview video in the Resources section.

Salesforce mobile app Salesforce app
Reporting for sales Provide reports that show:
  • What’s in the pipeline
  • Who’s producing the most
  • Who needs coaching
Salesforce reports

Plan Ahead to Help Your Sales Teams Succeed with Lightning Experience

Salesforce offers loads of customizations. They’re based on solid research and planning. Because your success as an admin is measured on the success of your sales reps, we’re going to help you make Salesforce great for them. So, we have some ways for you to ensure that your sales teams start off on the right foot in Lightning Experience.

Here’s how you can plan for making Salesforce work beautifully for your sales teams.
  1. Build your team
  2. Draft a release timeline
  3. Identify key aspects of your business process
  4. Determine and document pain points
  5. Identify business goals and priorities
  6. Define needed reports
  7. Make a communication and training plan
In the Lightning Experience Rollout module, you can learn even more about aligning key players and making sure you’re prepared to answer to them.

We’ve put together some forms that you can download to capture the information we recommend in this module. And because these forms are our secret between us, you can take the credit here.

In the next unit, we help you put together a plan for getting the most out of Salesforce. Then, we show you how to customize what your reps see and how they work in Salesforce. We even give some suggestions for some of those customizations. But you decide what works best for your teams.