Set Goals to Meet Goals

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how setting goals will help your reps take advantage of every single day.
  • Show your reps the right deals to focus on right now.

So, you have Salesforce, and maybe you’ve even started customizing it to your company’s needs (look at you, superstar!). But you’re wondering if you can do more with it. You've heard Salesforce can help sales teams, but how does that happen exactly? In this module, we talk about best practices you can use to help your sales teams be more productive every single day, and how you can use Salesforce to help.

Don’t Waste a Single Day

Jobs in sales are great, aren’t they? But as we all know, they come with quotas that return at the end of each quarter or month. To consistently make those all-important numbers, your reps must make progress each day, not just sprint flat-out at the end of the selling period.

Your sales reps should start each selling day by setting a daily goal and—this is the really important part—committing to it publicly. So, who sees this goal? Well, if they put their goals in Salesforce, then everyone does! When reps share their goals in dashboards and talk about them on Chatter, their peers, their manager, and the leadership team can all give encouragement, celebrate success, or offer a tip if things aren’t going so well. That super-high level of visibility works wonders for keeping reps accountable and on-track from day one.

Have your reps create a dashboard with their goal for the day. (You can do it for them, but really, it’s so easy.) It can track progress toward their quota, pipeline registered, or numbers of activities completed. Voila! Instant visibility and accountability.

Dashboards with top deals, progress toward quota.

Show Your Reps the Right Opportunities to Focus On

We’re sorry to say, but plugging your vitals into a “What kind of dog are you?” quiz isn’t actually going to get you closer to your goals. “Getting things done” only leads to progress if they’re the right things.

For reps, the right thing to do is not always obvious. They can work the first deal they see or target the company that’s closest to their office. Or they can focus on the actual highest priority deals at each and every moment. How do they know which are the highest priority? That’s where automation comes in.

List Best Deals

Take a moment to think about what deals you want your reps pursuing. Which are their five-star opportunities that deserve immediate attention? Most often they’re:

  • Deals that are close to closing
  • Huge opportunities with past-due actions
  • Big deals that are close to slipping

Make these red-hot opportunities super easy to find by creating a list view of top deals for each of your reps. Then, watch them close, close, close!

My Top Opportunities List

Personalize Their Home Page

In Lightning Experience, you can practically snap your fingers to create personalized home pages for each rep. They’re the perfect home for that list view, daily progress dashboard, and incredibly cool stuff like:

  • Intelligent alerts on next steps to take, based on what’s worked in the past.
  • News stories about top accounts and industries. Hello, conversation warmers!

Customized home page with Quarterly Performance chart, Top Deals list.

If that was a little long, here’s the moral of the story: Help your reps make progress every day, on the right deals. Boom, #micdrop.


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