Give Your Reps Super Powers with the Intelligence of Einstein

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Sales Cloud Einstein can make your reps’ lives easier.

Make Your Sales Team Smarter with Einstein

The demands on today’s sales reps are immense. In fact, 89% of executives believe sales reps miss opportunities because they can't keep up with information about customers and prospects. (CSO Insights) Combine that with the fact that customers can find information on their own, so they have higher expectations of sales reps than ever. Reps are expected to be trusted advisors, with deep knowledge of their products and their prospects’ needs. To save the day—and still have time to chase down new prospects—reps basically have to be superheroes. You may not have any radioactive spiders handy, so instead, what if you could give them the information and tools to perform at heroic levels?

The good news is that you have tons of information at your fingertips, but the reality is, data science isn’t easy. And you know what else isn’t? Hiring data scientists, and waiting for them to figure it all out. The challenge of too much information with too few answers is why we developed Einstein to be your own personal data scientist. Now you don’t have to hire a PhD to tap into the full power of your data.

When you add Einstein to Sales Cloud, it intelligently scans key information in your Salesforce org. By going through a whole mountain of data, it sees what’s usually missed. It creates custom models based on patterns around which of your leads converted to opportunities, which of your leads didn’t, and why. Then, it intelligently chooses which model will work best for your company and applies it to new leads. Einstein knows which of those are most likely to close, so your reps can convert more leads to opportunities faster, and, well, knock it out of the park. (If you remember from before that this prioritization is a seriously important best practice, gold stars for you!)

You’re probably thinking that getting this level of analytical power at your reps’ fingertips might be a difficult and time-consuming proposition. Nothing is further from the truth! In fact, you can enable this functionality in minutes by simply enabling Einstein. Voila!

Einstein doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. Every forecasted opportunity is monitored for your sales reps to ensure they stay on track. Using artificial intelligence, Einstein knows which opportunities have the highest likelihood to close...and which don't. Not only that, but Einstein provides important insights and recommendations for the sales rep so they can increase the likelihood that their opportunities close. For example, if Einstein detects that the sales rep hasn’t engaged the prospect recently enough, it’ll suggest that the sales rep send an email or book a meeting. Einstein really is like having a personal data scientist for every sales rep.

As your reps work leads, Einstein is constantly scanning emails, events, and news sites to reveal news about each prospect’s company and industry. Reps can keep up with the latest, most relevant news:

  • Activity-related insights, like when a contact mentions a competitor or is leaving their company.
  • News-related insights, like whether the account is expanding, changing its company leadership, or is involved in merger and acquisition talk.

And of course, as your reps go through the process of closing these deals, Einstein is with them along the way, capturing that activity automatically. It connects to your email and calendar, and it attaches the right emails and meetings to the right Salesforce records. Salesforce customers that use this functionality have reported an average increase in selling time of 25%. What’s smarter than avoiding data entry?

Einstein Activity Capture


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