Boost Productivity with Mobile

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe why the Salesforce mobile app is important for your entire sales team.
  • List the mobile tools you can use to make reps more productive.

Salesforce for Everyone, Everywhere

Once upon a time, only field sales needed a mobile solution. But that was before everyone and their dog started carrying mobile devices. (We really need to talk to Rover about his data overages!) Everyone, everywhere is tethered to their phones, and your sales team is no different. Thankfully, the Salesforce mobile app makes it really easy to implement a mobile strategy that works for everyone.

The app is the mobile sales app companion to Salesforce. It has all your standard CRM data and even pulls in your customizations. Have a special sales process? That’s built in. Workflows? There. App store integrations? Oh yeah! Plus, it's included with your Salesforce license. Boom!

Turning on the Salesforce mobile app is super easy, but take a moment to make sure you have a great roll-out strategy before you do. You'll want your team on board and ready for take-off. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Gather requirements. Make sure you know the features your team needs. If you don’t know what they are, talk to the people who use mobile the most: your sales reps. Prioritize the use cases that have the biggest impact and save the most time. Often, the Salesforce mobile app does this right out of the box, but it doesn’t hurt to check!
  2. Get buy-in from your super users. Your super users can be leads who the team looks up to, or those who are always trying new things. Once they try (and see the awesomeness of) the mobile app and tell their friends, everyone will want to try it!
  3. Announce that mobile is coming. Communication is key. Let your team know when the Salesforce mobile app will launch and show a demo. Make sure you let them know the best features available from their mobile device.

When you’re ready, turning on the Salesforce mobile app for your organization is really simple:

  1. From Settings, enter Salesforce in the Quick Find box, and select Salesforce Settings.
  2. Select Enable the Salesforce mobile browser app.
  3. Ask your reps to download Salesforce from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and they’re in!

It’s almost too easy. (But you can still take full credit for launching this game changer.)

Use Salesforce Mobile Tools to Make Reps More Productive

Once your reps have the Salesforce mobile app, they can be productive from anywhere. Coffee shop? Check. In between meetings? Ba da bing. During meetings? Technically yes...but please at least look like you’re listening!

Along with the ability to push deals forward from anywhere, the Salesforce mobile app gives reps new ways to be super productive:

Today: Helps you plan your day by cross-referencing your calendar with all of the information stored in Salesforce. You’ll know all about the person you’re chatting with, and the opportunity, before you even walk in.

Today organizes your day with intelligence.

News: See news affecting your prospects and current accounts. Have informed conversations with your customers or prospects and uncover new opportunities. Start your conversations warm, not cold.

News surfaces important news about your customers.

Notes: Remember everything important, and save time. If you use Notes during a client meeting, your notes are saved to the contact or opportunity - where you can always find them.

Notes helps you remember everything important.

Chatter: Communicate with your entire team from your mobile device, so your team can collaborate from anywhere.

Chatter helps you collaborate from anywhere.

SalesforceA: Sorry, sales reps, we’re saving this for someone extra special...Hello, admins! SalesforceA is the admin app for resetting passwords, locking users, and more - all from your mobile phone.

SalesforceA lets you manage Salesforce on the go.

Now you and your reps are ready to be productive from anywhere. The beach you say? Please save us an umbrella!


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