Automate Everything

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List three time-wasting manual processes you can automate.
  • Describe how connecting your email to Salesforce helps reps avoid manual data entry.

There was a time when people had no option but to do most things by hand. They made butter by manually churning it and had to hand-crank their cars to get them started. Amazing, right? But those highly manual parts of the daily grind were perfectly normal at the time. Those butter churns kept churning up until the very moment we found a faster way. Then everything changed.

Perhaps you’ve accepted your manual sales processes and admin work, but we dare you to dream of better days with faster daily routines. Welcome to automating workflows in Salesforce! If you can drag and drop, then you can make it happen in Process Builder, without asking IT a single question.

Tasks You Can (And Should) Automate

Discount Approvals

A good discount is something your reps always want to have in their back pockets to get deals across the line. But if they have to fire off emails or manually track down approvals to get the discount approved, they’re losing time and risking losing the deal. To really make those discounts accessible, you need automation.

Pro tip: set approvals up so that different percentages are treated differently. Consider this scenario:

  • Low-percentage discounts are automatically approved.
  • Mid-range discounts go to a sales manager, who can quickly approve via email or directly in the Chatter feed.
  • Larger discounts alert the sales manager whose approval automatically routes it to the VP of Sales.

Travel Approvals

If your team travels a lot (hello field sales!), then you know that approving travel plans and expense reports can be their own journeys. Cut out the tiresome parts. Set Salesforce up so that managers can just tap “Approved” in response to emails or Chatter posts that are painlessly generated for reps. Reps who now have more energy to close deals.

Guidance at Every Stage

You can even automate giving guidance to your reps throughout the sales process. Instead of reps having to seek out information about which steps to complete next, what people to bring in, or what conversations to have at different stages of the deal cycle, you can push that information right to them at the right time with Sales Path.

Sales Path with guidance for success at every stage.

Keep these best practices in mind when you set up Sales Path :

  • Outline your best sales practices. This is a great time to get your sales team on the same page so that everyone is following the steps that work best. Even great sales reps can learn and improve. If you’re not sure what the best practices are, talk to some of your most successful sales reps and learn what they do.
  • Link to relevant resources. Include your best tips, links to Chatter posts and videos, policy reminders—anything that can help sales reps get closer to sealing the deal.
  • Customize Sales Path for different teams. If you have multiple sales teams with different best practices, you can make a different path for each one. Just label them so you can tell them apart, like “Steel Industry Sales Path.”

Sharpen Skills the Easy Way

Speaking of coaching reps, there’s a lot more to sales than following the steps of the sales cycle. It’s a career that requires constant development of your skills and a deep understanding of a constantly changing business landscape. The best sales reps continually learn from sales leaders about groundbreaking approaches, improving on core sales skills, and how to close more deals.

The only problem is that your reps don’t always have time to go search for sales advice; they’re busy closing deals! Don’t let your reps get so absorbed in the day-to-day that they never take time to improve. Have them subscribe to Quotable, and the advice will come right to them. Quotable is a digital magazine featuring proven selling advice to inspire and empower sales leaders, managers, and reps, and those who support them. That means you and your reps have a learning gold mine here. It’s created by Salesforce, so you’ll hear from our most successful leaders, as well as sales gurus and leaders from companies of all different sizes and industries.

We send out a newsletter twice per month with the best articles, podcasts, and videos. The best info will come right to you, so you can take that time you would have spent searching for advice, and turn it into time spent learning and improving.

Avoid Manual Data Entry by Connecting Email to Salesforce

Even sales people who are good at everything aren’t always great at data entry. So why do we ask them to tackle so much of it? Because they know everything about their deals, and because we haven’t quite nailed telepathy. The most logical thing then is to connect their email to Salesforce to automatically capture that crucial deal information.

By linking Office365, Exchange, or Gmail to Salesforce, you save your reps a ton of time. Salesforce syncs everything from contacts and events to tasks and even the emails themselves. Less work for sales reps and more information about deals? Yes, please!

If you want to really make it easy (of course you do!), have a look at Einstein Activity Capture. We talk more about the genius of Einstein in the next unit, but for now we’ll just point to how it can automatically add emails and meetings to the right sales records. For busy reps, this is pure genius!

Einstein Activity Capture saves activities automatically.

Whenever you replace administrative pains with more time to sell, your reps will thank you for it. So will your leadership when they see how many more deals are closing following your initiative. And yes, please invite us to the party celebrating your promotion.



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