Analyze Sales Activities

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the value of analyzing sales activities.
  • Prepare your org so you can customize fields and create reports.


On every sales team, there are a few rockstars. What are these high performers doing differently to win more deals? 

In this module, you learn a few easy techniques to help everyone sell more effectively. By uncovering and sharing the behaviors that lead to success, your sales team can close more deals and crush their quotas.

Here’s a brief summary of what you learn to do.

  • Customize activity types for your business and sales process.
  • Create a Key Activities report to identify which tasks sales reps are doing most frequently.
  • Create a Win Rate report to spot the high-performing sales reps.
  • Add the new reports to dashboards so you can analyze win rates and key activities.

How to Follow Along with This Module

If you’ve earned other Trailhead badges, then you’re already an expert on getting your hands dirty in your personal Trailhead Playground. For this module, we’re taking a slightly different approach. We recommend you use your sandbox. Follow along with these steps in your sandbox, test them, and then consider deploying your setup to production. 

Don’t have a sandbox? That’s OK. You can use your free Trailhead Playground to follow along. 

While your Salesforce org and sales processes are unique, when you follow along in any of these environments, you learn the configuration, analytics, and change management steps for basic activity analysis in Salesforce. 

Let’s Get Started

In the next unit, you customize a picklist field and build out new reports. Customizing a picklist field requires System Administrator access, so make sure you've got the right access level in your org. If you’re already in your Trailhead Playground, then you’re automatically the system admin.


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Source: Trailblazer Community Impact Survey 2019