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Explore Quip Shield Features

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of Quip Shield.
  • Understand if your company can benefit from Quip Shield.

We get it, security can be painful. Data breaches represent the most financial and reputation risk for any business, so it’s important to have strong security and controls in place to protect your data. If your company handles sensitive or confidential information, it can be especially costly and even illegal to miss just one small compliance regulation. What if you can prevent all that headache?

Not only do you have to protect against malicious external attacks, but you also have to mitigate internal risks. For example, employees can unknowingly expose the organization as easily as sharing their login credentials with the wrong person. You might manage huge amounts of sensitive data and intellectual property every day, but without proper policies and enforcement measures in place, you may never know what’s at risk, and that can be scary.

Now, queue the hero-like music: Da da da daaaa! No fear, Quip is here! Quip Shield is meant to...

Prevent data breaches by:

  • Monitoring employee actions
  • Stopping unauthorized data usage
  • Controlling access to corporate data
  • Preventing malware and ransomware attacks

Enforce security and compliance policies by:

  • Encrypting sensitive data to meet regulations
  • Tracking data usage
  • Triggering security policies to take specific actions
  • Auditing data quickly in response to data requests

Increase adoption by:

  • Minimizing impact to current functionality
  • Maintaining business continuity
  • Analyzing user behavior and identifying bottlenecks
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Offering training based on where people spend time in the product

Sounds pretty good, right? Who doesn’t love enhanced reporting and security? Only one question remains.

Should my company invest in Quip Shield?

There are many factors to consider before deciding if you should consider Quip Shield. It can only be implemented after careful thought, including an analysis of the kinds of threats your organization should protect against, and which security controls can best help you protect against those threats.

Most customers secure their data effectively by using a host of other available security features that Salesforce offers.

For though, Quip Shield can be an effective additional layer of compliance for organizations that require a deeper level of security to protect their customers and data.

For an answer that is specific to your circumstances, check with a security, legal, and regulatory specialist. They can take your organization through a formal security evaluation and help you find the best solution. They can provide additional resources and input to help you make the best decision for your company.

Quip Shield is a great option if you are looking to provide security that aligns with your business needs. Whether you’re looking for enhanced reporting to identify bottlenecks and user behavior, or encrypt sensitive data, or even prevent malware or random attacks, Quip Shield can be a great option for you. 

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