Use Live Deal Feed for Real-Time Collaboration

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Add alerts to your deal feeds.
  • Display your data in tables in graphs.
  • Use emojis, likes, @mentions, and GIFs to share successes.
  • Collaborate both internally and externally on pricing proposals.

After Damien closes the deal with the Walters, he’s met with congratulations and pats on the back the second he walks into the office. When he opens his computer to Salesforce Anywhere for Customer 360, he sees that he even has a few congratulatory notes, complete with emojis!

A colleague sending Damien a “congratulations!” emoji in the Conversation bar of the Walters Close Plan.

Real-Time Updates for the Whole Team

How did the rest of Damien’s team know about his close? Through the power of Salesforce Anywhere Live Deal Feeds. Live Deal Feeds are quick and easy to download, and they keep your team apprised of which deals are near closing and closed. Live Deal Feeds enable team members to celebrate each other’s wins, track deals, and share visibility with the broader organization. After all, one of the most rewarding parts of working on a team is being able to celebrate successes with one another. 

What Can You Do with a Live Deal Feed?

A Live Deal Feed showing three graphs and New Deal Alerts appearing on the right-hand sidebar.

Salesforce Anywhere for Customer 360’s Live Deal Feed lets employees see a snapshot of your company’s performance and take pride in its successes as a team. You can use this tool to:

  • Unite your entire organization around key sales processes.
  • Give real-time notifications on which deals are closing, and which ones are being pushed to next quarter.
  • Provide departments—other than sales—direct insight into the exciting new deals that are closing in real time.
  • Create a space to celebrate the hard work of your sales team.

These features allow you to do all of those things:

  • Custom Deal Alerts: Notify the team with real-time deal alerts based on actions in Salesforce—win alerts, contract value changes, and more.
  • Live Salesforce Data: Present live sales data in custom formats to highlight how the team is tracking towards quarterly and annual goals.
  • Embedded Conversations: Discuss specific charts, cells, or deal alerts in real time to maintain context and drive alignment.

Two mobile phones showing the ability to import live data from Salesforce, present live sales data in multiple formats, and highlight deal wins as they roll in with real-time alerts.

Automating Productivity into CRM Processes

The Live Deal Feed is just one tool that uses the power of Salesforce Anywhere for Customer 360. From Living Account Plans that turn static documents into real-time, data-driven tools, to Collaborative Close Plans that help your team stay aligned and close deals more quickly, Salesforce Anywhere for Customer 360 has you covered. Using Process Builder and Flow, you can automate Salesforce Anywhere actions with clicks (not code)—adding collaboration into the context of your business-critical workflows.

We built a Flow solution for a basic Live Deal Feed that you can download today on the AppExchange. Interested in building your own custom solution? Check out our support article and our  how-to video to learn how to set it up for your business!

The Numbers Talk

Now that we’ve reviewed the benefits of Live Deal Feeds, let’s see how they’ve enabled Damien to close the Walters. We left off with Josie setting up a meeting and Damien creating the Walters’s total client profile. Now, drum roll … Damien is officially ready for a mutual commitment meeting!

Damien and the Walters sit in his office. Mr. Walters is holding their daughter while Mrs. Walters signs paperwork.

Before the meeting, he wants to finalize his pricing proposal. Typically, his firm operates on a fee-based model that incorporates both the financial planning fee and investment management, which uses an asset-based fee structure. He uses a link within the close plan template to find the fee structure deck, which he uses during his mutual commitment meeting.

During the meeting, the Walters have questions about the fee structure, as well as past investment performance. Damien @mentions his investment committee in a comment, and they send Salesforce Anywhere links to the firm’s last few Quarterly Performance Reports. This lets Damien give the Walters an idea of what they can expect from an investment management standpoint.

A Quarterly Performance Report document with graphs.

The Walters are sold and sign the mutual commitment document. Next up, onboarding!

Hopefully, working along with Damien and the OnSummit Wealth Management team has shown you the transformative power of Salesforce Anywhere for Sales. By keeping all their data and action items centralized and updated in real time, the team closed the Walters quickly and efficiently. 

From Opportunity Notes to Live Deal Feeds, Salesforce Anywhere for Sales had all the tools OnSummit Wealth Management needed to finally get the Walters family on board. So, who are your “Walters families?” What accounts can you revisit, now that you have this powerhouse tool in your team’s hands? The possibilities are endless, just like they were with your childhood building- blocks set.


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