Get the Most Out of Your Salesforce Technology with Premier Success

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the key benefits of Premier Success.
  • Understand how to start taking full advantage of your Premier Success Plan.

The Premier Success Experience

If you’re looking for a faster path to getting the most out of Salesforce, the Premier Success Plan is here for you. Customers with Premier Success see much higher value from Salesforce from the start and throughout their entire Salesforce journey. Premier’s expert-led and expert-designed programs will help you:

  • Realize Value From Day One
    Expert coaching and training to hit the ground running and skill-up your team.

  • Deploy New Innovation and Capabilities With Confidence
    Technical guidance and insights tailored to your business goals.

  • Boost Productivity and Keep Your Vision on Track
    Fast, 24/7 issue resolution to mitigate disruption as you put Salesforce capabilities to work for your team.

Specialized Guidance

With Premier Success, you can rely on specialized guidance from Salesforce to ensure you get the most out of your Salesforce technology. What do we mean by specialized guidance? 

Whether you’re looking to increase adoption on your most-used features, or seeking best practice guidance on your implementation strategy, or wanting to ensure you can pick up the phone and talk to an expert when something goes wrong, Premier Success provides you program-centered expertise that’s all about delivering the right resource at the right time to help you achieve the right results.

Expert Coaching Sessions (formerly Accelerators)

Any fans of MasterClass out there? One of the great things about MasterClass is that you have a unique opportunity to learn from so many experts in their respective fields. Wondering how to cook like the culinary greats? Gordon Ramsay would be a solid choice. Maybe you want to learn how to sing and write like your favorite music icons? Alicia Keys would be perfect. Looking to shake the rust off of the old jumpshot? Sounds like you need the wisdom of Stephen Curry. 

With Premier Success, you get your own Salesforce version of MasterClass. But instead of learning how to prepare the perfect Alaskan salmon, you’re learning how to set up a Service Cloud Console for your support organization.

Working with 150,000+ customers around the globe, we identified common challenges around several key themes: getting started, onboarding, adoption, governance, and automation, to name a few. Customers were looking for personalized best practices and real recommendations in these areas beyond what was available online. 

Today’s Premier customers have access to over 200 of these targeted, outcome-driven engagements. And they are available across almost all of our Salesforce solutions. 

Ready to sign up? Visit our Expert Coaching Catalog for a cloud-by-cloud list and links to detailed descriptions of each session, any requirements you’ll need, and instructions to attend.

Keep in mind that the catalog menu varies slightly depending on where you’re located. Please see the resources section at the bottom of this unit for links to the right catalog for you. Also note that you can only have one expert coaching session in flight at any given time. 

Round-the-Clock, Round-the-World Support

No one likes when issues arise, but when they do, we are ready to help! Premier customers have direct access to our phone global coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To top that, we guarantee a 1-hour initial response for critical issues.

Tip: Be sure to indicate the severity of the issue that you’re facing, whether it be business stopping with no possible workarounds or manageable for the time being. This will ensure that the correct targeted response time is aligned to your business challenge. 

As a bonus, Premier customers also have access to Developer Support, a specialized team of support engineers who will help boost your efficiency and avoid disruptions. Some of the tasks this team supports include:

  • Reviewing and troubleshooting code
  • Analyzing, debugging, and making expert recommendations
  • Apex and Visualforce
  • And more!

For a complete list of Developer Support tasks, click here to learn more.

Ask an Expert Office Hours

What do you do if you have a question that requires a bit deeper understanding? Do you have a unique business challenge? Maybe you want to hear questions and business challenges from customers similar to you? Our Ask an Expert Office Hours are the place for you.

These sessions allow our Premier and Signature customers to ask their adoption, best-practice, and how-to questions in a fun, interactive Q&A format. Our experts cover numerous Salesforce products and features, and get you answers in real time, often with live demos. 

Ready to join the party? Check out the Customer Success Events calendar to sign up.

Training Discount

You read that correctly! As a Premier Success customer, you will receive a 25% discount off of Trailhead Academy Public Classes & Bulk Certifications that are delivered either in-person or virtually.* This includes:

  • Trailhead Academy public courses and catalog
  • Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp (TVP)
  • Trailhead Certification

*Discount not valid on User Adoption Training, Custom Training, Custom Private Workshops, or in-person Boot Camp events.

Premier Success also includes everything in our Standard Success Plan. 

Now that you’re an expert on all things Premier Success, you’re ready to take it to the next level with Signature Success.


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