Get Started with Your Premier Success Plan

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the key benefits of your Premier Success Plan.
  • Explain how to take advantage of these features to drive adoption and boost productivity at your organization.

Premier Success Gives You More

Have you learned about the Salesforce Success Cloud yet? Great. Then you’re already aware of the fantastic customer resources that can help you accomplish your goals with Salesforce. If this cloud is news to you, then head over to the Salesforce Success Cloud Basics module and check it out.

Salesforce Help, Trailhead, the Trailblazer Community. These great always-on resources are always there for you. But what if you need more? What if you really need to connect with a Salesforce expert for guidance on a big goal or challenge? Or for dev help with your Apex code. Or assurance that you’re doing everything right the first time.

Whether you’re aiming to fix a problem, boost adoption, or step up productivity, Premier Success services and experts show you how to stay on the path to success with Salesforce.

The Menu of Services

Take a look at the primary services included in Premier Success Plans.

What it Offers
Premier Support
24X7 phone support and faster response times
Developer Support
Help troubleshooting code
Success guides
Experts in success and adoption
Admin Assist*
Certified admins that step in to build, maintain, and update your instance of Salesforce

*Optional upgrade included in the Premier+ Success Plan
One-on-one consultations with certified cloud specialists to solve specific Salesforce challenges

Each item here is worth exploring, and we do that in the following units. First, let’s review a few key online resources that you’ll want to bookmark, as well as some user roles and terminology you’ll encounter when you work with Premier services.

Salesforce Help and Premier Toolkit

When you need help, always go to Salesforce Help first. Why? It’s your one-stop shop to find help, training, and details about your Premier Success Plan benefits.



Be sure to bookmark the Premier Toolkit. It has its own tile right on the main screen of Salesforce Help.

Loaded with tons of useful information, the Premier Toolkit points you to helpful videos, Premier Success webinars, templates for submitting the perfect Admin Assist case, instructions on how to set up designated contacts, and much more.

Wait… what’s a designated contact? Glad you asked. It just happens to be our next topic.

Designated Contacts

Designated contacts (DCs) are users in your org who have unique permissions around accessing support and other Premier features. DCs are people with sufficient knowledge of your org’s environment and who work frequently and closely with Salesforce Premier Support.

DCs have some powerful privileges.

  • Fast lane to Tier 2 support: Technical Support cases submitted by DCs go straight to our Tier 2 support agents.
  • Escalation of support cases: DCs have the ability to escalate cases to our Technical Support Management.
  • Requesting Accelerators and Admin Assist: DCs are the only people who can submit requests for Accelerators and Admin Assist.
  • Access to all cases: DCs can manage all support cases for their org, not just the cases they submit.

Primary DCs: This special type of DC can create, view, deactivate, and edit the permissions of other DCs in their org (they can give DCs all the above permissions or just a subset). Primary DCs set and modify these permissions in Salesforce Help.

Premier passcodes: As a Premier customer, you get unique numeric passcodes to identify yourself on support calls. Each DC gets a private passcode, and if needed, you can share an additional company passcode across your entire organization. DCs can view these passcodes in the Support and Services area of Salesforce Help.

As you can see, designated contacts manage quite a few benefits of your Premier Success Plan, so it’s important to keep your DC information up to date. Check out this Knowledge Article for details on how to determine if you’re a DC and how to set up DCs for your org.

Trailblazer Community Group for Premier Customers

Finally, let’s make sure you know where to find community. If you completed the Salesforce Success Cloud Basics badge, then you’re already aware of the Trailblazer Community. But did you know that there’s a Chatter group exclusively for Premier customers? Joining the Premier Central Chatter group is the best way to stay up to date with Premier news, events, and discussions.



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