Get to Know Salesforce Success Plans

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what makes Salesforce Success Plans special in the industry.
  • List the three offerings in the Success Plans portfolio.
  • Understand how Salesforce serves customers with the Standard Success Plan.

Introducing Salesforce Success Plans

You know that Salesforce Customer 360 is the most powerful technology on the planet. But now you may be asking: How can I harness all that power and ensure that I turn my vision for Salesforce into value for my business? 

The answer: Success Plans. With Success Plans you get the confidence and trust that you can achieve your goals with Salesforce - and you’ll start seeing results fast. 

And here’s what sets us apart: unlike competitors who just provide support plans to fix things after things go wrong, we’re here to help you plan ahead, avoid issues, and learn the best way to bring Salesforce to life. Meaning, our Success Plans include a unique, industry-leading combination of both support and success guidance built on the best practices we’ve built over the past 20+ years and driven by the world’s leading Salesforce experts. 

Throughout this module, you will learn the key benefits of Success Plans, get a sense of which plan is right for you, and understand how to take advantage of these features to drive adoption and boost productivity.

Here’s a quick look at the three plans side by side, so you can compare.

Standard Success

We won’t be spending too much time on Standard Success. Why? Because Standard Success is automatically included with each Success Plan. And the fact is, you’re already putting your Standard Success plan to work by being here in Trailhead! Beyond Trailhead, Standard also gives you access to a wide array of self-guided resources: Trailblazer Community, Help Portal, how-to videos, and more. Really, you can think of Standard as the ultimate self-starter. 

That’s all for this unit. Take the quiz below and get ready to tackle Premier Success.


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