Maintain Your Pardot Specialist Certification for Summer ‘20

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Create snippets to reuse content across email campaigns and business units.
  • Use Engagement History dashboards for a broader picture of engagement.
  • Add the Prospect and Activity Dataset to lenses and dashboards.
  • Customize prospect resubscribe messaging.
  • Explore the Einstein Behavior Scoring Dashboard.

Salesforce Certification

If you hold the Salesforce Pardot Specialist credential, keep in mind you need to complete this module by the due date to maintain your certification. Another important part of maintaining your credential is ensuring your Trailhead and Webassessor accounts are linked

Interested in learning more about getting certified? Check out the Salesforce Pardot Specialist credential.

Salesforce introduced a ton of great feature enhancements. Let’s take a look at some of the more important ones for this release.


Snippets give you the power of content reuse. With Snippets, you can create a robust block of text, images, and links and pull them into email, email templates, forms, and landing pages. 

Choose from two kinds of snippets: campaign snippets and business snippets. Campaign snippets work only with connected campaigns. Assign a snippet to a specific campaign to use it in that campaign’s related assets. Business snippets can be used throughout your account or business unit.

For both kinds of snippets, when the value of a snippet changes, you only have to edit the snippet record. The changes are inherited where the snippet is used.

How: Each time you create a snippet, it appears on the Snippets tab where it can be edited or deleted. From the Snippets or Content tab, create a snippet. On the Related tab, create an assignment and select Business Units or Campaigns.

Creating a new snippet from the Snippets tab

Keep in Mind:

  • Snippets are populated with Handlebars Merge Language (HML). If you are using the legacy merge language, a Pardot admin must upgrade your account to HML before you begin.
  • Connected Campaigns must be enabled. Campaign snippets work only when assigned to a connected campaign.
  • The organization-wide defaults are preset to Public Read/Write and can’t be changed.
  • Snippets are saved in Salesforce and count toward data storage.

Additional information on creating and managing snippets can be found here.

Engagement History Dashboard

An embedded Engagement History Dashboard gives sales and marketing users the power to explore and visualize important data. Embed an Engagement History Dashboard component on your records to surface valuable metrics for your front-line users. Choose to add a dashboard to campaign, account, lead, contact, person account, or opportunity records. The dashboard shows widgets that are tailored to each type of record.

How: The Engagement History Dashboard can be added to a tab on account records. When used together with dashboards on campaign records, marketers will see a bigger picture of prospect engagement. Add it on lead and contact records to see customers’ engagement activities.

Go here if you need help setting up Engagement History dashboards for the first time.

Engagement History Dashboard embedded in an account

Prospect and Activity Dataset

Add the Prospect and Activity Dataset to lenses and dashboards to help further understand prospect engagement. The dataset includes 3 years of engagement information tied to the default and custom prospect fields in the Pardot Prospect dataset. With this super dataset, you can unearth valuable connections without heavy report customization.

To create a B2B Marketing Analytics app, you need the Create B2B Marketing Analytics Apps permission. To reconfigure B2B Marketing Analytics apps, you need one of these permissions: Use Analytics Templated Apps, Manage Analytics Templated Apps, or B2B Marketing Analytics. 

How: During setup for a new B2B Marketing Analytics app, select the Prospect and Activity Dataset on the Optional Features list. If you’ve set up an app previously and want to add the dataset, reconfigure the app and choose the dataset when you’re prompted.

Adding the Prospect and Activity Dataset during B2B Marketing Analytics app set up

Adding the Prospect and Activity Dataset to an existing app

Prospect Resubscribe Messaging on Forms

You can now customize and translate the prospect resubscribe messaging that appears on your Pardot forms. Pardot admins can set the default message that appears across forms, and marketing users can customize the message on a per form basis. This functionality is available for Pardot accounts with Handlebars Merge Language (HML) enabled.

How: Enable the feature and customize the default form messaging in your Pardot account settings. When marketing users edit a form, they can customize the resubscribe message for that form on the Resubscribe tab.

Resubscribe tab in Form editing

Einstein Behavior Scoring

The Einstein Behavior Scoring dashboard in B2B Marketing Analytics shows how your custom model weights each engagement activity and which assets relate most strongly to future conversion. A single behavior score can tell you whether a prospect is likely to become a sales qualified lead (SQL), but it doesn’t tell the full story behind the number. At a strategic level, you want to tailor your marketing plans toward the behaviors that generate the best opportunities for your sales team. The dashboard gives you the data you need to start testing and implementing more effective marketing tactics.

How: An admin must install and configure B2B Marketing Analytics and Einstein Behavior Scoring. Then, any user can create the out-of-the-box Einstein Behavior Scoring Dashboard.

The dashboard includes two graphs and a prospects table. The Activity graph shows behaviors, such as webinar attendance, video views, or email clicks, that have the strongest impact on the scoring model. Select a behavior to focus the Asset graph on the top performing assets associated with that behavior.

The Connected Prospects table updates to show records of leads and contacts who have done the selected activities.


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