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Maintain Your Pardot Specialist Certification for Spring ’19

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how to designate a user's locale and location settings.
  • Gain insight on Pardot marketing asset performance in Salesforce.
  • Use the Einstein Scoring component to see meaningful insights on your prospects' engagement.
  • Accurately report on Pardot email link clicks.
  • Differentiate between the insights Pardot Einstein provides.

Salesforce Certification—Special Maintenance Policy

If you currently hold the Salesforce Pardot Specialist credential, you do not need to complete this module by the previously posted April 10th certification maintenance deadline. Instead, your Salesforce certification will automatically be maintained into the next release cycle.

There is no action required, and your certification will not expire. Your certification status will be updated by April 10, 2020. We'll send you an email confirmation to let you know when we've updated your status.

Of course, we know you want to keep your skills up to date and learn about the latest features. This module contains lots of great info about the latest release, which you can explore without worrying about deadlines. Salesforce introduced a number of great feature enhancements. Let’s take a look at some of the more important ones.



To learn more about all of the features and functionality released within Pardot, refer to this comprehensive collection of Pardot Release Notes.

Use Pardot in Multiple Languages

The Pardot user interface is now translated into French, German, and Spanish (EU). Users can easily change their locale and language settings by editing their profile in Pardot. Pardot admins change the default language and locale from the account settings page in Pardot. In accounts with Salesforce User Sync enabled, matching language settings for users are inherited from Salesforce.

Engagement History

Track prospect engagement in Salesforce to see how your leads and contacts engage with your marketing assets, and view other prospect activities from Salesforce.

You can access and interact with data as follows.

  • Create custom report types that include campaigns and associated marketing assets.
  • Add the Engagement Metric Lightning component on connected campaign page layouts.
  • Add Engagement Metric fields and related lists on connected campaign page layouts.
  • View basic engagement metrics from campaign list views.
  • Embed a chart from a campaign report on connected campaign page layouts.
  • Add the Engagement History Lightning component to lead and contact page layouts to view a prospect’s Pardot activities.

Get Pardot Actions and Reports Without the Bot Clicks

To improve reports and automated actions, Pardot now ignores clicks from certain IP ranges that are associated with email security scanners. Although we collect all clicks and click-through data, a new setting removes scanner activity from reports. Activity from these IP ranges is also no longer used to fire completion actions, triggers, or scores. The setting is turned on by default, but can be changed. 

To change the default behavior and allow bot clicks to trigger activity and appear in reports, make changes on the Visitor Filters table. In Pardot, click Admin (Pardot Settings in Pardot Lightning), then click Automation Settings | Visitor Filters. Remove entries that begin with the prefix [PD-SYS].

What is Pardot Einstein?

Pardot Einstein is used to describe the new AI features available through Pardot and Salesforce.

  • Einstein Behavior Scoring identifies prospects demonstrating buying signals and scores them based on engagement patterns. Einstein leverages prospect activities in Pardot, such as link clicks and form submissions, to determine which prospects are most engaged with your marketing efforts.
  • Einstein Lead Scoring analyzes historical marketing and sales data to discover the top factors that determine whether a lead is ready to convert. This score is continually updated as more patterns emerge.

Score Prospects on Engagement Activity

Einstein analyzes your Pardot prospects’ activities to aggregate and grade their engagement. Use the Einstein Behavior Scoring component to see granular, meaningful insights on your prospects' engagement. 

To show Einstein Behavior Scoring, a lead must be synced to a Pardot prospect. 

To enable Einstein Behavior Scoring:

  • Turn it on in Setup and use the Lightning App Builder to place components.
  • From Setup, enter Einstein in the Quick Find box and select Einstein Behavior Score.