Understand the Value of Lead Nurturing

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Define lead nurturing.
  • Explain the value of lead nurturing.


Building trust, sharing valuable insights, and being responsive: Those are important things to do in any relationship. And they should be the guiding principles for your communications with  prospects and customers. When you treat people like individuals by sending them content tailored to their unique business needs, when you respond to their behavior in real time with relevant, helpful emails, you become a trusted business partner instead of a faceless corporation. 

As Kathleen Kelly says in You’ve Got Mail, “Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.” Lead nurturing is personal, timely, and repeatable. Surprise customers with your attention to detail, delight them with your content, and engage them by listening before responding. You’ll retain their business and earn their loyalty. 

Pardot lets you automate lead nurturing through triggered emails based on a person’s behavior or a preset time interval. It ensures you provide the right information to the right prospects at the right time, every time. Lead nurturing is an effective strategy no matter the unique challenges of your industry.

A successful lead nurturing program accomplishes the following goals: 

  1. Delivers the right message at the right time
  2. Saves you both time and resources
  3. Builds strong customer relationships naturally

In this module, we talk about how to incorporate these goals into your lead nurturing strategy. 

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

With lead nurturing, you know your messages will always be relevant, because you determine the conditions that trigger each message. As you learn more about each customer, your marketing content adapts to include that new information. 

Lead nurturing campaigns, also known as engagement campaigns in Pardot terminology, should include built-in segmentation and dynamic content so that customers always receive up-to-date, targeted communications. Campaigns should also respond to what customers are doing and saying—for example, when a customer views your pricing page or registers to attend an event (implicit, activity-based signals), or when a customer shares their industry or their job title. 

Save Time and Resources

Staying on top of your customer’s needs in today’s increasingly connected world is almost impossible. With automated lead nurturing, you don’t have to dedicate your time to responding to new queries and activities. You can let the program do that for you with predetermined content and triggers that listen and respond for you. 

Lead nurturing may sound like it takes a lot of effort—it involves a regular content delivery cadence and constant assessment to make sure you move prospects who engage with your company further down the sales funnel and warm up the prospects who don’t. But if you have a marketing automation platform, lead nurturing becomes easy.

Engagement Studio automates your lead nurturing campaigns and removes the tedious process of tracking individual leads as they go through each stage in the cycle, including the hand-off of qualified leads to sales. Using the lead scoring and grading features, you can assign scores based on customers’ activities and engagement with your emails, website, and other content.

Build Customer Relationships Naturally

The strongest relationships are built slowly over time. Automated lead nurturing is designed to capitalize on this. At its core, lead nurturing is the process of automatically “dripping” relevant messages to leads throughout the customer journey. Your first step: thinking through a logical sequence of engagement. Next, create relevant, varied content that will move your prospect along a defined path. For example, build a welcome series for new clients, or create a solution-based series for existing clients. A successful nurturing program hinges on content, so vary the content types and topics, and always aim to provide value.


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