Extend Pardot Automations

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe what external activities are.
  • Use external prospect activity data to extend Pardot automations.

Extend Pardot Automations with External Activity Data

Most marketing teams use more than one application to engage with prospects and collect data. So, what if you conduct webinars, send out surveys, and produce videos, all through different service providers? How do you get that data into Pardot? That’s where external activities can help!

Pardot external activities are a flexible option for extending your Pardot automations. You decide which third-party data is most important for your marketing needs, and customize your Marketing App Extensions to collect it. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to more powerful, more accurate automations.

What Are External Activities for Pardot?

External activities are prospect activities that happen in your third-party applications outside of Pardot. From Marketing Setup in Salesforce, you set up what’s called a Marketing App Extension for each third-party app you use to collect prospect data (outside of Pardot). For each extension, you identify one or more Activity Types to capture. For example, the Marketing App Extension would be your webinar provider and the Activity Type would be “attended webinar.”

How Do External Activities Work?

Think of your Marketing App Extensions as buckets for the external activity data you want to collect. For example, if you have an extension for your webinar provider, you might then add two different Activity Types.

  • Prospect attended webinar
  • Prospect shared webinar link

After an admin adds an Activity Type to an extension, Pardot generates an API endpoint designed to pass that specific activity data back to Pardot. The endpoint can be used with the associated app, or a third-party connector service such as MuleSoft. 

Put External Activity Data to Use

You can use external activity data just like any other prospect data you store in Pardot. You use external activities in all your Pardot automations, and select them as triggers in Engagement Studio programs. You can also view external activity data on individual prospect records. 

The biggest benefit of external activities is the flexibility to bring all your prospect data into Pardot. You know what information is most valuable to your business and marketing goals. External activities give you the power to enhance your prospect data and get the most out of your Pardot automations. 

Guidelines for Marketing App Extensions

There are a few things to be aware of when working with Marketing App Extensions and associated activities. Extensions and individual activities can both be marked as “active in automations.” To collect data on any activity, the Activity Type must also be active, and the associated extension must be assigned to at least one business unit. 

There is a limit of 10 active Marketing App Extensions, and 10 active Activity Types per extension. You can still create as many inactive extensions and activities as you’d like so they’re ready to go. If you’ve reached a limit, you can deactivate extensions or individual activities as needed to start collecting different data. 

Sum It Up

External activities are a flexible way to extend the power of Pardot automations. You choose which data from your third-party apps are most valuable to you, and set up Marketing App Extensions and Activity Types to feed that prospect data into Pardot.


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