Track and Report on Email Engagement

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Access email reports.
  • Interpret email report metrics.


A lot goes into a successful email campaign. You segmented your database into lists, created email templates, tested emails thoroughly, and then sent them to your recipients. Now it’s time to review your hard work. Email reports can show audience engagement with your email content and help you set performance benchmarks for future email campaigns.

List Email Report

When you navigate to your List Email report, you’ll notice that it breaks down the most important data about your sent emails. It has three other tabs that offer additional reports: Click-Through Rate Report, Interaction, and Email Clients.

The List Email report also has three other tabs offering additional reports: Click-Through Rate Report, Interaction, and Email Clients

The List Email report includes the number of emails sent, unique clicks, unique click rate, total clicks, and total click rate. Use the List Email report to analyze important data about your list email sends, like open rates and bounces.

View the List Email Report.

  1. Navigate to Reports | Marketing Assets | Emails | List Emails.
  2. To view an email’s report, click the email name.
  3. This will take you to the Report tab. You can access your additional reports by clicking the corresponding tab.

Report Tab

The Report tab shows basic information and metrics about the email send. The Open Rate pie chart gives you a visual breakdown of the percentage of opened, bounced, and unopened emails for the list email send. Below the Open Rate pie chart, the clicks report breaks down the links in the email and how many prospects clicked each link.
The list email report shows you the delivery rate, open rate, and click to open ratio for each email you send

See the Resources section for list email report metrics and definitions.

Click-Through Rate Report Tab

The Click-Through Rate report displays link performance visually. A rendering of your email is overlaid with the click-through rate next to each link. The call-out colors get warmer (blue is coolest, red is warmest) as the click-through rate gets higher relative to other links in the email. This makes determining link performance much easier than simply looking at a chart or table.

The click-through rate report overlays call out colors on top of your links to denote their engagement data

Interaction Tab

You can add even more reports to your Pardot account by purchasing the Advanced Email Analytics Package. The package includes the Engagement and Activity report, which displays in the Interaction tab and shows how your recipients engage with your email. The data aggregates all engagement and activity (opening an email, clicking a link) together. You can easily compare engagement and activity rates because you see them as percentages of total email opens.

The engagement and activity report records how recipients interacted with your email and for how long

Engagement Activity Report Metrics Definition
Glanced or Unread Percentage
Email open fewer than 2 seconds
Skimmed Percentage
Open between 2 and 10 seconds
Read Percentage
Open for 10 seconds or longer
Forward Count
Email forwarded via the forward button in the email client
Email printed

Email Clients Tab

The Email Clients report captures and tracks email client usage for emails opened across your lists in Pardot. Find this report under the Email Clients tab. The email client list includes more than 120 email clients; any client not in the list is marked as “Other” in the report. Although client lists can change in the future, Pardot’s code updates automatically to reflect the most up-to-date information and email client list.

The Email Clients tab report shows you email client usage for emails opened across your lists in Pardot

Email Like a Pro

In this module, you learned how to prepare your content and your account for email sending, how to create email templates, how to test and send emails, and how to track your email sends with reporting. Email marketing is a huge part of a successful marketing automation strategy. Now you’re ready to put it to work!


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