Manage Email and Report on Volunteer Participation

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Send custom emails to your volunteers.
  • Understand how automated emails work in V4S.
  • Use a dashboard to understand what your volunteers are doing.

Volunteer Email Automation

If you use volunteers in your organization, you know how important it is to get them the information they need, when they need it. Managing all those emails is incredibly time-consuming. Fortunately, V4S has preconfigured email templates for all the typical volunteer emails, and more.

In addition, V4S includes workflow rules that trigger sending emails at the appropriate time. Of course, you can always deactivate or modify the workflow rules if you need something different for your organization.

Let’s first look at the list of all the V4S email templates.

  1. From Setup, enter Email Templates in the Quick Find box, then select Email Templates.
  2. From the Folder drop-down list, select Volunteer Email Templates. The complete list of V4S templates appears.  Screenshot of Volunteers Email Templates.
  3. Because Dianna has just assigned Peter to a shift at Cheasty Greenspace, she clicks Volunteer Job Signup Thank You. Let’s look at that email template.  Screenshot of Volunteer Job Signup Thank You email template.

The template consists of text and merge fields that pull data from the V4S objects and fields. This is what the actual email that Peter receives looks like.  Screenshot of text from the Volunteer Job Signup Thank You email template.

Of course, you can create your own templates for any email notification. This is what a beautifully customized, HTML EarthCorps email looks like.

Screenshot of customized, HTML EarthCorps email.

And finally, here’s the workflow rule that automatically sends this email. (To find workflow rules, from Setup, enter Workflow Rules in the Quick Find box, then select Workflow Rules.)

Screenshot of the workflow rule that automatically sends the email.

To learn more about customizing email templates and configuring workflow rules, check out the links in the Resources section.

Manually Email Volunteers

Sometimes you want to email volunteers on the fly. For example, EarthCorps emails volunteers if an event is canceled due to high wind, to provide additional information, or to remind volunteers one more time that their shift is coming up. V4S makes these tasks easy to do.

Let’s follow along with Dianna as she emails her volunteers to let them know that their shift is coming up. Again, if you haven’t entered the same contact, campaign, job, and shift data as Dianna, you can use the data in your own organization.

  1. Click the Shift Calendar tab and navigate to the shift that contains the volunteers you want to email. Dianna scrolls to the month of October and clicks the October 8 Cheasty Greenspace event.  Screenshot of Volunteers Shift Calendar.
  2. On the Volunteer Shift Detail page, click the arrow Down arrow and click Mass Email Volunteers. (You can also find this option on the Volunteer Job page. Choosing this option on the Volunteer Job page emails all volunteers on all the job’s shifts, not just one shift.)
  3. The Mass Email Volunteers page lets you fine-tune all the details about the email you’re about to send.

a. From—Select the person to receive replies sent by volunteers. Because Dianna is the volunteer coordinator for EarthCorps, she selects her own name.

b. Email volunteers with Status—You can limit email to volunteers who have a specific status, for example, Confirmed or Prospect. Dianna selects Confirmed.

c. Include Contacts only once—This option prevents contacts from being sent the same email more than once. It’s useful if you’re using Mass Email Volunteers from the job level, because you might have a contact who’s signed up for more than one shift.

d. Log an Activity for each email—This option creates an activity record linked to the volunteer’s contact record. Dianna likes to track which emails have been sent to whom, so she selects this option.

e. Template based on object—The object you choose must match the object that the email template is based on. Dianna chooses Volunteer Shift.

f. Email Template—Choose the email template you want to send. Dianna picks the Volunteer Shift Reminder template.  Screenshot of Email Template selection.

4. We’re all ready to send the email! Click Send.



If you click Send, Salesforce sends this email to any volunteers you selected who have a valid email address, so proceed with caution!

View Volunteer Reports and Dashboards

V4S comes packaged with reports and dashboards that show you all kinds of information about your volunteer program. You can use these reports and dashboards to analyze volunteer trends and help you decide where to focus your volunteer efforts. V4S provides over 25 different reports, including a list of available jobs, top volunteers, upcoming shifts, and people who volunteered last month. For a full list of reports, see the V4S Users Guide (available on the Volunteers for Salesforce Documentation page listed in the Resources section).

V4S also provides a nifty dashboard with tons of valuable data. Let’s look at the Volunteers dashboard.

  1. Click the Dashboards tab.
  2. In the All Dashboards folder, select the Volunteers Dashboard.
    Link to click to access the Volunteers dashboard

Voila! The dashboard appears.  Screenshot of Volunteers Dashboard.

And there you have it. Now that you’ve seen how V4S makes all the administrative tasks around managing volunteers a snap, what are you waiting for? Start using V4S at your own nonprofit today, and see for yourself what an amazing asset it can be for your volunteer program.

In closing, we’d like to thank Dianna and EarthCorps for taking us on this incredible journey. Hopefully, you’ve come away from the Volunteers for Salesforce modules inspired and excited to bring change to the way your own organization uses Volunteers for Salesforce.  Picture of EarthCorps' volunteers in a forest.


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