Streamline Your Integration Projects

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify integration opportunities for your business.
  • Understand how MuleSoft Catalyst enables you to win new customers.
  • Discover engagement opportunities MuleSoft Catalyst unlocks.

Every year, as the level of new technologies and digital transformation grows, the amount spent on integration increases, too. So much so that companies are collectively spending almost $700B across the globe. Nearly $394 billion of that goes toward systems integration services to help speed up customer digital transformation initiatives—which is great news for partners. MuleSoft Catalyst offers partners a whole new way to engage MuleSoft customers and help them succeed.  

Companies spend $700B on integration annually

Grow Your Practice

Win new customers, increase deals, and engage existing customers

MuleSoft Catalyst is a great opportunity to expand your practice—changing your relationship from technology delivery provider to a strategic and trusted advisor. With a well-developed methodology and playbook, MuleSoft Catalyst is a path to winning new prospects, increasing deals, and finding new opportunities within existing accounts by delivering increased value. Line-of-business IT generally suffers from many unmet needs, and by helping to stand up a Center for Enablement and identifying integration needs across the business, you increase the likelihood of driving alignment around strategic initiatives that deliver long-term value.

Standardize on Best Practices and Methodologies

MuleSoft Catalyst is a common language and set of best practices to use across the entire MuleSoft ecosystem when delivering successful customer initiatives. Employing MuleSoft Catalyst allows you to strengthen your partnership with both your customers and MuleSoft, accelerating delivery and time to value. With the approach and tools MuleSoft provides, you have the ability to deliver on your customers’ requirements while providing a future-proof architecture, supporting long-term objectives, and driving more valuable engagements.

On this journey, consider offering further services such as advising on success, guiding organizational change management, providing skilled resources to establish the right foundation, and providing experienced resources to scale your customers’ businesses. Each path has playbooks with activities and assets to support your services, delivering customer success that results in future engagements for your practice.

Partner engagement opportunities across all six paths

By following a prescriptive approach to driving customer outcomes via a standard set of guidelines and following the Catalyst methodology, you can unlock additional avenues of integration consulting services around each of MuleSoft’s core pillars.

The Business Outcomes path provides you with a top-down approach that ties your tactical IT engagements back to the most strategic business initiatives. Business stakeholders have traditionally struggled to correlate how underlying IT implementations tie back to their key initiatives, and this is why traceability and benchmarking against KPIs become critical, both of which MuleSoft Catalyst enables.

The Anypoint Platform path within the Technology delivery pillar augments your existing delivery methodology with field-tested, production-level accelerators, best practices, and code assets and templates that have been implemented by top MuleSoft solution architects. As a result, you can adopt a common lexicon and approach, using the same templates and guidelines that MuleSoft uses. Whether there is joint delivery, a hand-off between organizations, or some other implementation approach, the underlying basis and terminology of MuleSoft implementations should be driven by a common language between all parties.

Within the Org Enablement pillar, the Center for Enablement (C4E) path enables a new governance model, a refinement on the traditional center of excellence (COE) concept. The corresponding playbook assists you with understanding the benefits of this new governance model and how to promote this new operating model with your customers. The C4E concept was born in the modern era where self-service and composable APIs enable greater flexibility.

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