Navigate the Salesforce Trust Site

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Know where to find the status of your Marketing Cloud instance.
  • Find essentials for security.
  • Find information about compliance standards.

Get to Know the Trust Site

Rachel Morris is a skilled Salesforce administrator for Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO); she recently stepped in for NTO’s Marketing Cloud admin while he’s on paternity leave. Her task is to make sure the NTO Marketing Cloud systems are up and running during his absence. 

As a Salesforce admin, she’s familiar with the Salesforce Trust site but decides to review it again in preparation for her new Marketing Cloud responsibilities. 

The Salesforce Trust site is made up of three sections.

  • System Status provides a visual representation of the health of her instances.
  • Security gives her an overview of Salesforce security practices.
  • Compliance shows her the standards that Salesforce is in compliance with.

The Salesforce Trust site.

She dives into each section to learn more. 

Check Your Status

System Status is where Rachel goes to quickly navigate to the status sites for each product used by NTO. Most Salesforce products are grouped together on the Salesforce Status site, but some products have individual status sites.

The System Status section of the Salesforce Trust site.

Until recently, Marketing Cloud health data was found on its own site, but it’s now found on the primary Salesforce Status site. This means Rachel can troubleshoot any NTO Marketing Cloud issues using a similar process as NTO’s Salesforce Instance.

Stay Secure

Next, she opens the Security tab. The Security tab is where Rachel finds information about how to secure Salesforce and Marketing Cloud instances. The top section provides links to best practices for keeping her instances safe. The middle section points her to portals where Salesforce has gathered information by user roles. The bottom section contains links to training materials, such as Trailhead modules about security. 

The Security page on the Salesforce Trust site.

Get Compliant

She looks at the Compliance tab next. The Compliance tab is where Rachel can find all the national and international security standards that Salesforce complies with.

The Compliance page on the Salesforce Trust site.

Rachel remembers that her boss mentioned Northern Trail Outfitters has a customer in Canada who insists that the NTO systems need to be in compliance with the UK Cyber Essentials standard in order to close a sales deal. 

Rachel chooses Canada in the Country section to view the standards that are relevant to Canada. She checks the compliance badges and notes that Salesforce complies with the UK Cyber Essentials standard.

Dig Deeper

Rachel is used to finding status information about NTO's Salesforce account, security best practices, and compliance details on the Salesforce Trust site, so she’s glad to see Marketing Cloud has also moved to the site. Next, she reviews how to find status information related to NTO’s specific Marketing Cloud instance. 


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