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Set Up Appointment Attendees and Skills

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Create appointment attendees.
  • Assign appointment attendees to appointment locations.
  • Create and assign skills to appointment attendees.

Create Appointment Attendees

Having set up Ryan’s branch location, Matt and Fola must create a service resource to represent appointment attendees like Ryan and Sri.

Service resources are individual users or groups of users who can attend customer appointments. Basically, folks like Ryan and Sri. Matt creates appointment attendees so managers like Fola can assign appointments to them. Of course, Ryan and Sri can create appointments for themselves or even for other wealth managers and client associates.

The New Service Resource page with details for Ryan Dobson entered
This is how Matt creates services resources.
  1. From the Service Resources tab, click New.
  2. Enter a name and description, such as a user's name or title.
  3. Select the user in the User field.
  4. Select Active to be able to assign the resource to appointments.
  5. Indicate the resource type as Technician.
  6. Save your changes.

Assign Attendees to Branch Locations

Right after setting up Ryan and Sri as appointment attendees in Lightning Scheduler, Matt assigns them to branch locations (appointment venue) to ensure that appointment attendees are associated with the correct locations. Fola asks Matt to assign Ryan and Sri to Cumulus Bank’s HQ branch in Pittsburgh CBD since this is their primary territory. Matt also assigns the bank’s Market Street branch in San Francisco as both Ryan and Sri’s secondary territory—Ryan video-meets his clients here, while Sri, the newer client associate, shadows him to learn the job.

Here’s how Matt assigns attendees to branch locations.
  1. Navigate to Ryan and Sri’s service resource record page.
  2. Click Assign Service Territories.
  3. Select a service territory. Matt selects the HQ branch in Pittsburgh CBD and the Market Street branch in San Francisco.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select a territory type. Matt designates the HQ CBD branch as primary and the Market Street branch in San Francisco branch as secondary.
  6. Select start and end times. Matt sets a start date but not an end date for the primary branch. However, since Fola would like to try Ryan out as a video-based wealth manager in the secondary branch, Matt sets the end date here a week after the start date.
  7. Click Save.

Create Skills in Lightning Scheduler

After he’s done setting up Ryan and Sri as service resources and assigning primary and secondary territories to them, Matt sets about creating skills relevant to them in Lightning Scheduler. This shows Fola, and anybody else setting up appointments for Ryan such as his client associate Sri, which type of appointments might be appropriate for him. Of course, Ryan and Sri can create appointments for themselves or even for other wealth managers and client associates.

A new Skills page with details for Wealth Manager entered
Here’s how Matt sets up skills for Ryan and Sri.
  1. From Setup, enter Skills in the Quick Find box, then click Skills.
  2. Click New and enter a name—for example, Wealth Manager or Client Associate.
  3. Enter a description.
  4. Click Save.

Assign Skills to Appointment Attendees

Now that Matt has added skills to Lightning Scheduler, Fola assigns the Wealth Manager and Client Associate skills to Ryan and Sri (who are appointment attendees—service resources in Lightning Scheduler-speak). This helps Fola track their certifications and areas of expertise.



To manage skill assignments, Fola needs the View All permission on the Skills object and the Edit permission on Service Resources object. Matt assigned these permissions to her in the previous unit.

This is how Fola assigns skills to Ryan and Sri.
  1. Navigate to the resource that needs a skill assigned. Matt clicks Ryan and Sri’s service resource records.
  2. Click the Assign Skills Quick Action.
  3. Select one or more skills that apply, and then click Next. Matt selects Wealth Manager for Ryan and Client Associate for Sri.
  4. Enter a skill level from 0 to 99.99 based on how your business measures skill level. Ryan’s pretty much a wealth management rockstar at Cumulus. So Fola sets Ryan up at a skill level of 90. Sweet! Sri, on the other hand, is a newbie, and so Fola sets her up at 50.
  5. Enter a start date and, if needed, an end date. Fola enters a start date (today’s date), and also gives Ryan an end date of six month from the start date (because even rock stars like him come up for recertification every once in a while). Sri gets the same treatment.
  6. Click Save. Ryan and Sri’s skills now appear in their respective Skills related lists.