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Harness the Power of Lightning Knowledge

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List ways Lightning Knowledge makes life easier for users.
  • Describe how Lightning Knowledge benefits admins.

Lightning Knowledge is Easier to Use

Ursa Major Solar is a Southwest-based provider of solar components and systems. They’re medium-size and growing fast as more people realize the value of solar energy. They’ve used Salesforce for a few years and are happy with how it helps them connect to their customers.

The Ursa Major service team started out using Salesforce Classic but transitioned to Lightning Experience several months ago. The team loves the new interface and now considers Lightning indispensable.

But their knowledge base still uses Knowledge in Salesforce Classic. They want to migrate. Why? They miss the cool Lightning features they’ve come to know and love. Plus now they have to train new hires on using Lightning for most tasks, but train them on Classic for Knowledge. Until they migrate, the problem isn’t going to go away.

The service team wants to convince Ursa Major’s admin, Maria Jimenez, to migrate to Lightning Knowledge. So they make a partial list of their favorite features.

  • Use drag and drop to attach files.
  • Hover to see details on an article in the Knowledge component or related list.
  • Manage articles by creating list views with different filters (including viewing who they are assigned to).
  • Access Knowledge from all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops, and specify a different layout for each device using record types.

These features could save them a lot of time they can use to do what they’re best at: helping their customers let the sun shine in (they like sun puns at Ursa Major).

Plus, they’re constantly hearing about new features for Lightning Experience and Lightning Knowledge. They want all that sparkly new goodness, too!

They want Ursa Major to be all Lightning, all the time. So they ask Maria to upgrade them from Knowledge in Salesforce Classic to Lightning Knowledge.

So Many Great Features

It turns out they don’t need to convince Maria; she knows that migration is a great idea. Ursa Major’s support organization already uses Lightning Knowledge. They love how it helps them to do their jobs better and faster.

She excitedly points out even more #onlyinlightning features to add to their list, like improved search, global search, and attaching more than five files to articles. These features are just the tip of the lightning bolt.

Lightning Knowledge makes general setup and administration easier, too. Here’s Maria’s list of administrative sunshine.

  • Use record types to define validation rules and add fields to all articles more quickly than ever before.
  • Configure pages with Lightning App Builder instead of using Visualforce. Lightning App Builder lets Maria use standard components and templates—all without writing a line of code. She can even set it up to show components based on the user seeing the article or on the information inside. For example, a user can see an article in the master language or a translation.
  • Control what each user profile sees on page layouts with record types.

Even better? Lightning is the platform of the future, so the innovations for the service team keep coming. Maria understands the benefits and is eager to get started with the migration.

But first she needs a plan to get there.

Maria in her office drawing a path to Lightning Knowledge.

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