Customize the Salesforce Mobile App

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the customization capabilities of the new Salesforce mobile app.
  • Describe the new Lightning components available for the new app.
  • Sign up for the new mobile app.

With Lightning, admins can become mobile heroes by building powerful mobile apps uniquely tailored to their users’ needs. Here are some of the awesome things admins can do to customize their Salesforce mobile app.

Optimized Mobile Experience

As we’ve already noted, the new Salesforce mobile app mirrors the desktop experience—if a user bookmarks something on their desktop, it will be bookmarked on their mobile. But there is room for customization to create experiences that are relevant for mobile only. 

A desktop view of Lightning Experience alongside a mobile view, showing different elements on mobile vs desktop for the same record page - to illustrate how record pages can be customized.

Customized Mobile Experience

Now admins can customize their Lightning record pages to fit their mobile business needs. For example, admins can add a Lightning Web Component such as a map that shows the location of accounts for sales reps.  

Also, the customization capabilities of the Lightning App Builder let users set visibility rules to show or hide a component depending on the filters they’ve defined.

Give Users What They Need

The new personalization capabilities of the Salesforce mobile app let users assign custom record pages for the phone by app, record type, and profile. This gives them flexibility to customize the app experience for different roles and user profiles. For example, let’s say an admin wants sales reps to have marketing insights as well as customer case logs. They can assign the sales reps the Marketing, Service, and Sales apps that will appear on their phone in the app launcher. And if they want internal employees to only have access to custom apps like employee success, users can assign that app to the whole organization.

Get Started with the New Salesforce Mobile App

The best way to get started with the New Salesforce mobile app is to  sign up for a pilot, which is open to all customers in all regions.

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