Nurture Prospects with Salesforce Engage

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the unique challenges today’s sales reps have.
  • List ways that Salesforce Engage helps sales reps engage with the right prospects.
  • Understand how sales and marketing can work together to close deals.

The Expectations of Today’s Sales Reps

You’re already well aware of the immense expectations today’s customers have of sales people. Because customers are able to find so much information themselves, they want sales reps to do more than just give basic product info. They want an advisor, someone who knows their business and its challenges, and who can provide a personalized buying experience and a solution just for them. How can your sales reps possibly keep up?

We’ve talked about solutions that give your reps intelligence and help save them time, like Salesforce Einstein and Salesforce Inbox. But beyond having more time, they also need to create a stellar customer experience. They need something that can help them offer personalized experiences for their prospects, and send them the right message at the right time, at scale. We call that Salesforce Engage.

Give Your Sales Reps a Solution to Engage Prospects

Salesforce Engage (a part of our B2B marketing automation solution, Pardot) lets your reps engage with their prospects, when the prospects are ready, with the experience they need at that moment. It’s a tall order, but it comes down to a combination of data and the right features. Here’s how it works.

  1. First, it scores all incoming leads based on how closely the prospect matches the profile of your ideal buyer (industry, title, company size, and so on) and their activities (pages viewed, forms completed). This means reps aren’t wasting time on leads that aren’t likely to close, and they can focus their time and efforts where it matters most.
  2. Next, it tracks prospects’ actions: When they signal interest, the rep gets a real-time alert. The rep can jump on it right away, which is key since recent studies show half of all prospects buy from the vendor that reached out to them first.
  3. Meanwhile, reps can add prospects to nurture campaigns if they need a little warming up before a sales conversation. They can also use a library of marketing-approved templates to run mini-campaigns of their own. (Marketing sets up the templates, so they have the right messaging and look.)
  4. The entire time, key insights are tracked in Sales Cloud, so your sales rep can have the right conversation with the right person at the right time, and have all the data they need at their fingertips.

Your reps can sell smarter with Salesforce Engage alerting them when it's the right time to reach out to the customer.

Sales and Marketing: The Ultimate Power Couple

The great thing here is that we don’t expect sales reps to do all this alone. This is an opportunity to partner with marketing for some amazing results. Both teams are really driving toward the same goal, and both teams want deals to close, so why not combine the two into one superpower?

Marketing can set up all the beautiful (and on-brand) templates and nurture campaigns. And it can determine which actions—like watching a demo video or checking out the pricing page—indicate someone’s ready to buy. Sales can put on its marketing hat to engage with prospects that aren’t sales-ready yet and send them back to marketing for some extra nurturing. Gone are the days of prospecting and sifting through that rolodex. Together, you’re making sales happen!


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