Move Customers from Lead to Cash on One Platform

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Recap what Sales Cloud does for your sales team.
  • Explain how you can set yourself up for success with Salesforce.

If you completed the Sales Cloud Basics module, then you already know about Sales Cloud and all the features that can help your sales team maximize its productivity and crush its goals. Now, let’s talk about the other Salesforce products that complement Sales Cloud and extend and enhance its functionality.

Sales Cloud: Quick Refresher

On the off chance that you didn’t memorize every word of the Quick Look module, Sales Cloud can be described in one sentence: It’s the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) solution, created especially for sales teams, that helps you connect with your customers in a whole new way.

Sales Cloud puts all your customer information in one place to give you a complete view of customers and simpler, more powerful ways to manage every interaction, from first touch to closing the deal and booking revenue. You have a window into the inner workings of your business in real time and a streamlined set of tools to help make your reps super productive. As your numbers grow, you can be confident that everything seamlessly scales.

Set Up for Success from Day One

Sales Cloud’s standard functions provide you with a powerful solution. But your business is unique, and so are the ways you sell. We show you a few ways you can optimize your Salesforce experience and choose the right combination of options to solve the unique needs of your sales organization. 

When you customize it just for them, you position your team for success from the start, and ensure it becomes their go-to solution right away. That’s a win in itself, since you get the most value out of something your team actually uses.

These options fall into two categories: enhancing your sales team’s ability to close more deals, and extending functionality to your partners, both internal and external.

Enhance Your Sales Team’s Ability to Close Deals

  • Digital HQ for sales: Make it easier for reps to strengthen customer relationships, come together as a team to win, and sell more quickly using Slack.
  • Inbox: Speed up all the selling that happens in reps’ inboxes by adding customer data where they need it most, and automatically logging information from emails.
  • CPQ: Race through the last mile of every deal with automation. It’s a simple way to configure, price, and quote your way to new deals.
  • Sales analytics: Take your analytics to a new level with this app, preloaded with dashboards to help you follow team performance and uncover opportunities to grow your business.

Extend Functionality to Your Internal and External Partners

  • Partner relationship management (PRM): Build your partner network and empower them with all the features and information they need in a secure, branded partner portal.


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