Boost Adoption with Inbox

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how today’s sales teams use email.
  • List four ways Inbox can make your team more productive.
  • Describe why adoption is key to ROI.

Is Email Really Dead?

Surely you’ve heard from some sales guru by now that “email is dead.” They do have a point that we’re moving to new ways of communicating. We text our bosses, talk with coworkers on Salesforce Chatter or instant message, and catch up with remote colleagues on video chat. But those are all internal relationships. What about prospects?

Despite technological advances, a large majority of prospects and customers still want to communicate by email. How often do you text a prospect to introduce yourself? Probably not often, or at least not successfully! And sure, you can get a video meeting sometimes, but more often, people prefer to have a quick conversation over email and move on with their day.

This is the reality: Your salespeople need to be in their inboxes, because that’s where their customers are. But that necessity brings a couple problems with it.

  1. A lot of deal information is stashed in their inbox, where it’s not doing much good to anyone who wants to collaborate on the deal, or a manager who needs insight. And what if someone leaves the company? That’s a lot of information lost. In fact, 79% of opportunity data never makes it to a CRM.
  2. If you do have amazing reps who share their key deal info in a CRM...send them our number! Just kidding, we were actually going to say that while they’re awesome, they’re still spending a lot of time toggling between systems instead of just selling. Sales reps already spend 66% of their day on nonselling tasks, so why add to it?

79% of opportunity data never makes it to a CRM; 66% of sales reps’ time is spent on non-selling tasks.

Now that you’ve come to terms with your sales reps spending time in their inbox, it’s time to tackle that problem with solutions.

Meet Salesforce Inbox

Inbox is your one-stop-shop productivity app. The rep can stay in their email inbox while Salesforce Inbox captures every email and calendar event and puts it right in Salesforce. That means crucial sales information is saved right where they need it. Plus, when they draft a new email or prepare for a customer meeting, Inbox automatically surfaces relevant customer data. So they have the context and information to move the deal forward right now.

See how it works.

Here are the most important productivity features you saw in the video.

  • Einstein Activity Capture: Sync emails and calendar events to Salesforce and associate them with the right records automatically.
  • Quick-create: Add deals to your pipeline and contacts to Salesforce without leaving your email inbox.
  • Insert availability: Secure customer meetings faster by eliminating scheduling friction.
  • Read receipts: Track when emails are opened or engaged with.
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps: Sell smarter anywhere with the full power of Salesforce in Outlook, Gmail, and your mobile email inbox.

Basically, Salesforce Inbox is your secret ingredient to make every step of the sales cycle more digestible, because let’s be honest, data entry isn’t why anyone got into this job.

Adoption and ROI

Another sales guru favorite: “Adoption is the new ROI.” We actually think adoption is the path to higher ROI. Because really, your team can’t benefit from something unless they’re using it. When you move to a new solution (like Sales Cloud), it’s crucial that you get your sales reps on board from day one. It’s a cycle: The more they use it, the more information is captured, the more helpful it becomes, and the more they’ll use it.

So what does adoption have to do with Inbox? Well, Inbox just happens to be one of the very best ways to get your reps using Salesforce. The magic lies in the fact that Inbox brings Salesforce to where your reps already are: in their email inbox. They stay where they’re comfy, get to know Salesforce, see the power it brings, and begin to see it as one of their key sales tools. Pair that with the productivity gains, and how can they not love it?

 Inbox customers report 21% faster sales cycles, 25% more productivity, and a 38% increase in CRM adoption

If you have sales reps who live in their inboxes, if you want to capture that sales data, and if adoption of your new CRM is important to you, think about adding Salesforce Inbox. You can even test it out below.


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