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Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This module is designed for Salesforce Classic.

You can learn about switching between interfaces, enabling Lightning Experience, and more in the Lightning Experience Basics module here on Trailhead.

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe a knowledge base.
  • Explain the benefits of a knowledge base.
  • Identify the benefits of Salesforce Knowledge.

What Is a Knowledge Base?

You’ve probably heard that knowledge is power. And people in your organization have all sorts of powerful knowledge. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could harness all that knowledge in one place? That is exactly what a knowledge base does. It serves as a single repository for storing your organizational knowledge.

A Salesforce knowledge base—referred to as Salesforce Knowledge—is built from knowledge articles, which can be:

  • Frequently asked questions, such as “How much storage does your product provide?”
  • Instructional steps, like how to set up your product.
  • Any knowledge you want to capture, for instance, guidelines to providing excellent customer care.

Why Is a Knowledge Base Important?

A knowledge base gives your customers and employees a place to find information on your products or services. New employees can ramp-up on your collective knowledge, getting them building your products, selling your products, or serving your customers faster. Capturing and sharing knowledge turns your support agents into case-closing super agents. Even better, if you have a public knowledge base, your customers and prospects can find answers to their questions without contacting your company. Both agent productivity and customer satisfaction increases.

Imagine the costs if your customer service agents had to research every question, even if it had been asked many times before. With a knowledge base, the first time a question is asked, the agent records the answer in an article. The next agent to get the same question can quickly return the answer. Agent productivity goes through the roof with knowledge at their fingertips! Oh, and time and money are saved. Yay!

What Makes a Salesforce Knowledge Base So Special?

Although Salesforce Knowledge can be amazingly beneficial as a stand-alone product, it becomes much more powerful when used with other Salesforce products, especially the Service Cloud.

When you integrate your knowledge base with Service Cloud, your agents see related articles as they work on cases. This allows them to quickly attach useful articles to cases and close them with lightning speed! Salesforce Knowledge is the foundation of an efficient customer service center. It integrates with the Salesforce console and pushes relevant articles to the top of a list for easy viewing. Support agents can even search the knowledge base further with the help of filters (or data categories) to quickly find the answers they need.

Knowledge tab search interface

With Salesforce Knowledge, agents can:

  1. Search for articles
  2. Refine the results with filters, or data categories
  3. Review each article’s title, summary, and properties
  4. Depending on article permissions, edit, publish, archive, delete, follow, attach to case, or send as a PDF
  5. Sort results
  6. View statistic reporting
  7. Create an article when the answer is not in the knowledge base

Knowledge is pretty sweet, but when you put it on a console it’s absolute glucose overload! Everything you can do with Knowledge is in the console and all the case, contact, account, heck ALL information is right there for the picking. No back-and-forth, everything is right there and your agents solve customer cases so much faster (whether or not they’re on a sugar high).


For more information on the Salesforce Console, see Create a Salesforce Console App or take the Configuring a Salesforce Console trailhead unit.

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