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Get Started with Referrals in Your Org

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List the places where referrals can originate.
  • Describe how you can customize your org to make it easier to source referrals from anywhere.
  • Customize the Expressed Interest picklist to better track customer needs.

Referrals from Anywhere

Once you identify a customer need or interest, you can capture it as a referral within Financial Services Cloud. A referral from one advisor to another is fairly straightforward. With Financial Services Cloud, referrals that cross lines of business are easy to manage, too.

Remember when Ryan created a referral for a customer who expressed interest in a mortgage? Salesforce easily tracked that referral and shared it across both lines of business. Nobody had to reenter any customer information.

Now you know how to make it easy for any line of business to create a referral for another line of business within the same company. What’s next? Supporting referrals from satisfied customers and partners.

Your partners and customers know firsthand how valuable your services are, so they’re a great source of business. You can make it easy for them to send you referrals by customizing your company’s Salesforce Communities so they can create referrals there. For example, Rachel Adams is an existing customer of Cumulus Bank. She uses their community to refer her friends and most end up creating an account. To learn more about Salesforce communities, see the Expand Your Reach with Communities trail.

Matt knows his colleagues like the idea of all those referrals flooding in, so he decides to learn more.

Make It Easy to Create Referrals

Whether you’re a banker, a teller, an advisor, a customer, or a partner, creating a referral is never more than a few clicks away. Set up referral creation in the following ways.

  • As a global action. Salesforce defines New Lead and Referral as a global action. You can add it to any page that supports global actions—the Home page, a Chatter tab, object pages, and custom Lighting app pages. In fact, that’s how we added the New Lead and Referral action to the global actions menu.
  • As a standard action. Use the Lead object and the Referral record type to create a record customized the way you want. Access standard actions from list and record pages.
  • On a community. After you create a community, use Community Builder to build a form for creating referrals. Once that’s finished, anyone in the community can easily create a referral.

Modify the Expressed Interest Picklist

Referrals help you meet customer needs. Customer needs are called expressed interests. Examples of expressed interests include a mortgage, a credit card, a checking account, or investments. All these options are in the Expressed Interest picklist when you create a new lead and referral. What if your clients are interested in things that aren’t in the default picklist? Customize the list by adding (or deleting) interests.

Let’s walk through an example with Matt. His financial advisors told him they’ve started giving seminars about financial management and estate planning. As a result, they’re getting more leads from customers who are expressing interest in estate planning. Estate planning isn’t currently part of the Expressed Interest picklist. Here’s how Matt adds it.

  1. Click Setup and select Setup.
  2. Click Object Manager.
  3. Scroll down and select Lead and Referral, then select Fields and Relationships.
  4. Scroll down and select Expressed Interest.
  5. Scroll down to Values and click View Product List Value Set.
  6. Click New.
  7. In the products list text box, enter Estate Planning.
  8. To make sure that your new item is available everywhere, click Add the new picklist values to all Record Types that use this Global Value Set.
  9. Click Save.

After he’s done, Matt admires the new value.

  1. To display Leads and Referrals on the menu bar on the home page, click More in the menu bar and select Leads and Referrals.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the New Lead and Referral dialog box, select Referral and click Next.
  4. Open the Expressed Interest picklist and scroll down to see Estate Planning at the end. New Lead and Referral dialog box showing Estate Planning on the Expressed Interest picklist.

Matt knows how valuable referrals are and how to make it easy to create referrals from anywhere, by anyone. He can add items to the Expressed Interest picklist to meet new customer needs so they can create better referrals. Next, he’ll learn how to manage his referrals once they start flooding in.