Get to Know Student Success Hub for K-12

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Use Student Success Hub for K-12 to provide holistic and equitable student support.
  • Explain how the unified student record is the foundation of the 360-degree view of each student in Student Success Hub for K-12.

The path to graduation looks different for every student, and schools are meeting increased needs as they adapt to a learn-anywhere world. Now more than ever, providing comprehensive student support is key to each student’s success.

Student Success Hub for K-12 helps schools deliver holistic and equitable support by connecting students with the services they need to thrive. Built on Salesforce, the #1 CRM, Student Success Hub for K-12 brings the latest Education Cloud for K-12 innovations to your teams to support the whole student, visualize progress, intervene collaboratively, and measure outcomes.

In this unit, you’ll gain an overview of Student Success Hub for K-12 and how it can help transform the student support efforts already in motion at your school or district. You will meet members of Connected School District, a (fictional) K-12 school district we follow to see Student Success Hub in action. 

  • Connected School District is a public K-12 school district in the Midwestern United States that serves over 25,000 students. Teachers, staff, and students in Connected School District strive to live out the district’s mission every day. Staff help students reach their full potential by empowering and educating all students to think critically, creatively, and responsibly, embrace diversity, and pursue their dreams with purpose.

  • Carmen Quinn is a high school counselor at Connected School District. Carmen’s current high school caseload is approximately 500 students. She’s responsible for ensuring her students get connected to the wide range of services they need by collaborating with teachers and parents on early identification and intervention of students’ academic and social-emotional needs. She works to remove barriers to learning so her students can thrive. Carmen reports to the high school's principal.

  • The Smith family has three students attending schools in Connected School District. In this module, you meet Sofia Smith, a high school student, and her parent, Julie Smith. Sofia is currently enrolled in the distance learning program offered by the school district.

What Is Student Success Hub for K-12? 

Student Success Hub is part of Education Cloud for K-12, which is a set of solutions designed to help schools drive equitable student support and family engagement. To understand how Student Success Hub benefits you, we need to begin with a (very) brief history lesson on Education Cloud for K-12.

It all started with EDA
The foundation of Education Cloud is Education Data Architecture (EDA). EDA is a flexible data architecture that harnesses the power of the Salesforce platform to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. Because EDA is so flexible, it’s a powerful tool that schools customize and use to serve students throughout the entire student lifecycle, from grades K-20.

Next, K-12 Architecture Kit came along
To help K–12 schools get up and running on Education Cloud as fast as possible, created K-12 Architecture Kit, an open-source framework (this means that its source code, a list of easy-to-read programming instructions, is publicly accessible) built on top of EDA. K-12 Architecture Kit is specifically designed to serve the needs of K-12 schools and districts. While it’s still highly customizable, K-12 Architecture Kit provides functionality for K-12 schools right out of the box.

Now, Student Success Hub is here
And that brings us back to the star of this particular show: Student Success Hub! Student Success Hub is a managed package (“Salesforce speak” for a collection of apps) that includes K-12 Architecture Kit. With Student Success Hub you channel the full power of Education Cloud for K-12 directly towards the goal of providing holistic and equitable support for your students.

Student Success Hub is accessible from anywhere, so you can use the Student Success Hub mobile app to work from your phone or tablet while you’re on the go and pick up right where you left off when you return to your office. (Or your kitchen table. Or the closet in your bedroom. Trust us; we get it.)


For a more in-depth review of the basics of Education Cloud for K-12, EDA, and K-12 Architecture Kit, check out the Trailhead modules linked in the Resources section.

How Can Student Success Hub for K-12 Help My School?

We hope that the context for how Student Success Hub fits into the Education Cloud for K-12 universe has been helpful. But if you’re still wondering, “Okay, but what does Student Success Hub do?” it’s time to cover just that. Here are some of the most important ways Student Success Hub helps your school bring action and equity to your student support efforts.

With Student Success Hub you can:

  • Manage student caseloads with early alerts based on the ABCs—attendance, behavior, and courses. (Note: you can create custom alerts based on other data as well!)
  • Collaborate with staff (teachers, counselors, school leaders, and social workers, for example) to coordinate and deliver support for students using personalized success plans.
  • Refer students for support, assign tasks, log interactions or call notes, and track services provided to students, to ensure that support is provided equitably and efficiently for all students.
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement with student support that is authentically data-driven, and metrics that are easy to share and understand.

To bring these points to life, let’s follow along during a day in the life of Connected School District counselor Carmen as she uses Student Success Hub to support one of the high school students in her caseload, Sofia. Watch the video below to see how Carmen interacts with Student Success Hub.

Get a 360-Degree View with Unified Student Records

The unified student record is the home base for managing student information in Student Success Hub. When Carmen needs to review information about her student, Sofia, she looks at Sofia’s unified student record to see everything from Sofia’s attendance and grades to her behavior, household information, recent call notes, and more. Because the information is all in one place, the unified student record provides Carmen with a 360-degree view of Sofia’s needs in and out of the classroom.

Sofia Smith’s unified student record

In the following units, you learn exactly how Carmen and other support staff create alerts, add notes, and track support activities to assist Sofia. The unified student record tracks all of this activity, which makes it possible to create more informed interactions with Sofia and provide the right services at the right time to impact her success.

Meet us in the next unit when you’re ready to learn more about alerts and how they enable collaborative case management in Student Success Hub for K-12.


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